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Packfilm FP-100C is Officially Dead…

The effort to save packfilm received a final response from Fujifilm since we last visited the story and it is not the one fans have been hopping for. “… we cannot now change our decision. Thus, we respectfully decline your proposals. “ Doc’s acceptance of Fujifilms final decision has lead him to found the ANALOG PRODUCT INSTITUTE (API), with […]

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Fujifilm Management Responded to The Effort to Save Fujifilm FP-100C

Fujifilm management has responded to the efforts to save packfilm and, in my opinion, the future sounds bleak.  Nonetheless, the people behind the effort to save FP-100C remain positive. Fujifilm’s response of “while we cannot continue to manufacture and market the FP-100C, we will continue to support the photographic industry” does not sound good to me at all. You can read more […]

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The Fujifilm FP-100C Petition is Still Going Strong

There has been a concerted effort to save FP-100C since we first reported it’s discontinuation in February. A few days ago the petition to save it reached another milestone, 20,000 signatures. Further, sales have continued to be strong for packfilm on sites like Amazon, B&H Photo, and Adorama. Hopefully one of the multiple approaches being utilized to convince Fujifilm to save the format […]

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Things are looking up for Fujifilm FP-100C?

We’ve been following the battle to save Fujifilm FP-100C closely over the past few weeks (Here) and (Here) via Florian Kaps blog. It is full of photos from his trip to save packfilm, and the latest post concluding his trip is ambiguous at best. “NO! BUT YES!” leaves me wondering if Florian Kaps managed to influence Fujifilm enough to prevent the total cessation […]

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Fujifilm FP-100C May Not Go Quietly

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the announcement of Fujifilm FP-100C being discontinued. Shortly after the announcement, we were contacted about a petition to save Fujifilm FP-100C that quickly reached 10,000 signatures on change.org. Today, the petition is almost at 15,000 signatures, and there are other interesting developments. For one, skyrocking sales on places like Amazon, B&H Photo, and Adorama […]

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The End of Fujifilm FP-100C

Today Fujifilm announced they are ending production of FP-100C film. If you have any desire to stock up on this film it is still available at Amazon, B&H Photo and Adorama. Maybe when supplies are sufficiently exhausted and expired a company like the IMPOSSIBLE Project will start producing some. If you would like to check out some work […]

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