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Fuji X Weekly Film Simulation App With Over 100 Film Simulation Recipes

Fuji X Weekly released its film simulation app for iOS with over 100 ways to modify Fujifilm’s film simulations to make them look like other types of film stock. If this app interests you I would grab it quickly because Kodak being prominently featured will likely lead to the app being taken down or the […]

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Fujifilm Add Color and X-Ray Film to Tumbler

Today I saw a surprising paid advertisement from FujiFilm promoting their color film on Facebook. So I looked around their tumbler, which was linked, and there was another post about their X-ray film and some classic lenses. It made me wonder if Fujifilm might be checking if there is interest in reviving classic Fujifilm lines like Kodak did with EKTACHROME and might […]

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