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Fuji X Weekly Film Simulation App With Over 100 Film Simulation Recipes

Fuji X Weekly released its film simulation app for iOS with over 100 ways to modify Fujifilm’s film simulations to make them look like other types of film stock. If this app interests you I would grab it quickly because Kodak being prominently featured will likely lead to the app being taken down or the […]

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Fuji X Mount Lens Comparison Tool: Updated

The Fuji X mount comparison tool was updated to include almost all of Fuji’s current lenses and they added film simulations. It’s a very well laid out tool to get an approximate idea of what each lens is capable of doing in a set scene and now that they have added film simulation people considering Fuji can better […]

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Lightroom and Fuji

There have been many discussions about best practices in Lightroom with Fuji cameras over the years, but as support has gotten better the topic has begun to tone down a bit. It is still an evolving topic that many Fuji photographers follow, but you can get good results out of any of the RAW engines […]

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