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Fujifilm Discontinues Some Fujicolor 100 and Fujicolor Superia Premium 400 Packages March 2020

Notice of discontinuation of some photographic film products February 7, 2020 Fujifilm Imaging Systems Co., Ltd. Thank you for using Fujifilm products regularly. FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Corporation (President: Toru Nishimura) will discontinue the sale of some photographic film products due to a long-term decrease in demand, which has made it difficult to provide a stable supply. I […]

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For The Fujifilm Film Fans

The popularity of analog film is often debated, but there is still enough demand to drive fraudulent production and even to save ACROS from being discontinued. That being said not many have taken the time to write about analog Fujifilm in recent years, but Lambdaandy posted an interesting analysis of many old forms of Fujifilm […]

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Fraudulent Film With “FUJIFILM” Has Been Found in Stores

The report of fraudulent Fujifilm film sounds malicious in nature because it contaminates your developer solution when you try to process your film. Hopefully, Fujifilm is able to put a stop to its sale. Translated: Dear customers Thank you for your continued patronage of our film products. It has been found that “a 35mm film non-genuine […]

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Fujifilm Announces Worldwide Price Revision of Photographic Film and Photographic Paper

Fujifilm announces worldwide price revision of Photographic Film and Photographic Paper FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno), the leader in photographic products, is announcing that it will implement a worldwide price revision for its photographic films and photographic papers. Fujifilm has always provided the highest quality products to the global market. Over the past several years, […]

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Fujifilm 24 Exposure Superia and Fujicolor Rolls Replaced With 36 Exposures

The Phoblographer is reporting that Fujifilm is replacing their 24 exposure Superia and Fujicolor film rolls with 36 exposures. “Fujifilm sent notice out today to retailers that they’re discontinuing their 24 exposure rolls and replacing them with 36 exposure rolls. This notice is specifically about their ISO 200, 400 and 800 rolls of film.” Fujifilm has scaled back their film […]

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Fujifilm Add Color and X-Ray Film to Tumbler

Today I saw a surprising paid advertisement from FujiFilm promoting their color film on Facebook. So I looked around their tumbler, which was linked, and there was another post about their X-ray film and some classic lenses. It made me wonder if Fujifilm might be checking if there is interest in reviving classic Fujifilm lines like Kodak did with EKTACHROME and might […]

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