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The Fujifilm Designer Series XF50/35/23 f/2 R WR

The Fujifilm Designer Series is an excellent value, but Fujifilm hasn’t been using the branding since they first mentioned it here. Now that all three lenses are widely available it would be really cool if Fujifilm sold a special package of all three lenses with an XPro2 using the Designer Series branding. Fujinon XF50 F2 […]

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Fujifilm Fujinon 23mm F2 vs F1.4

Many have already decided if the Fujinon XF23 F2 R WR or Fujinon XF23 F1.4 R is right for them, but most reviews picked the Fujinon XF23 F2 R WR over the Fujinon XF23 F1.4 R. I personally picked the F2 over the F1.4 because I prefer weather resisted lenses living in FL, but I hope that someday soon […]

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Fujifilm X Magazine 17: The Great Outdoors + Win a Fujinon XF23MM F2 R WR

Fujifilm Magazine number 17 came out today with some coverage of the Fujifilm X-A10, X100 lens converter, XF23 and more. Don’t forget you can download it to your iPad or iPhone via the iOS Fujifilm X Magazine app for an optimal experience. You can also find back issues in the app or here.

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Fujifilm PhotoPlus Expo 2016 Coverage

The Camera Project caught up with Billy of the Fuji Guys at the Fujifilm booth at PhotoPlus and asked him some questions about the new Fujifilm GFX 50s. Cameta Camera also visited the Fujifilm booth to check out the GFX 50S, 23mm f2, Instax SP-2 and EF-X500. It’s a little disappointing that Fujifilm didn’t release more […]

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Fujifilm Blog Updates

image courtesy of Fujifilm Fujifilm Photographers have been subjecting their X-Pro 2’s and X-T2’s to some extremes since Photokina and writing about it in the Fujifilm-X site and Blog. Tommy Simonsen has been pushing his gear in extreme arctic conditions well beyond those encountered by the majority of photographers in a lifetime. In his article he discusses the […]

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