Instax Link WIDE Officially Announced

We already leaked everything to do with the Instax Link Wide a few days ago and Target even started selling it a few days ago, but it seems today is the official announcement day with shipments starting October 22nd. So if you want one now try Target since they have them on the store shelves (I checked my local and they had them out), but if you can wait until the 22nd B&H Photo / Amazon should have preorders soon. I personally am going to wait until I am shooting more regularly again.

You can also download Instax Wide Printer the app for iOS and Android today

Instax Wide Link: B&H Photo / Amazon

Wide Color Film: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Wide Monochrome Film: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

Instax Wide 300: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

Press Release
New release of smartphone printer “Cheki” “instax Link WIDE”
Instax series first wide format printer is now available!
A cool wide film “BLACK” that makes your photos stand out is also on sale at the same time.

FUJIFILM Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President / CEO: Sadaichi Goto) can print images taken with a smartphone on a wide format film that is twice the size of a normal card-sized check print. The smartphone printer “Cheki” “instax Link WIDE” (Instax Link Wide, hereinafter “Link WIDE”) will be released on October 22, 2021.

Smartphone printer “Cheki” that can easily print smartphone images on card-sized mini format (86 mm x 54 mm) film with Bluetooth * 2 from the dedicated app * 1 “instax mini Link”, hereinafter “Link” “)” Has been very well received all over the world. This time, in response to the request from customers who want to print smartphone images larger, we have newly added a lineup of smartphone printers “Link WIDE” that support wide format (86 mm x 108 mm) check prints. bottom. We will also provide a new wide-only app with various functions so that you can enjoy the large print size to the maximum.

In addition, we will release “BLACK”, a wide film with a black frame that enhances photos and gives a cool impression, on the same day.


  • In addition to the “instax-Natural mode” that allows you to enjoy printing with a soft texture unique to check print, the “instax-Rich mode” that allows you to express colors more richly is newly installed, and you can choose the texture of the print according to the subject.
  • In “QR Print mode”, you can QR code voice messages, text messages, location information on maps, URLs of your favorite web pages, etc. on the spot, incorporate them into captured images, and print them. You can use it as a communication tool to convey your thoughts by QR-coding various information, printing it with images, and leaving it as a record.
  • “Editable Templates” offers a total of 29 types of design templates, including designs that are ideal for events such as birthdays and weddings. You can freely edit the color and characters of the template, and you can easily create your favorite greeting card.

In addition, “Wide Album” and “Acrylic Photo Frame” compatible with wide format check print will be released at the same time, and we will propose how to enjoy after printing.


FUJIFILM will continue to expand the world of “instax,” an instant photo system that allows you to enjoy printing immediately when you take a picture.

About promotion of instax series
Instax is a worldwide catch phrase, “don’t just take, give.”, And since 2019, we have been developing a promotion that conveys the value unique to Chekiprint. In order to further strengthen the promotion, we are announcing a new brand video of instax today at the timing of the announcement of the new product “Link WIDE”. In Corona, the days that remind us of the importance of connecting people are continuing. In the new brand video, we hope that instax will make those scenes more enjoyable, as well as expectations for the near future where we can reunite with loved ones and have real communication.

Also, regarding the new product “Link WIDE”, we will deliver a video of the release announcement mainly on online, social media and stores with the message “live life wide”. We will make a big appeal with the desire to “enjoy life to the fullest.”

* 1 Free app for Android devices and iPhones. It can be obtained from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for iPhone.
Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. The iPhone trademark is used under license from Aiphone Co., Ltd.

* 2 The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and FUJIFILM Corporation uses these marks under license.

1. Product name
(1) Smartphone printer “Cheki” “instax Link WIDE”

(2) Wide format film “BLACK”

2. Release date

(1) Smartphone printer
“Cheki” “instax Link WIDE”
October 22, 2021

(2) Wide format film
October 22, 2021

3. Price
Both (1) and (2) are open prices

* Wide album and acrylic photo frame are also open price

4. Main features of “instax Link WIDE”
(1) Compatible with wide format films capable of a wide range of expressions
The wide format is twice the size of a normal card-sized mini format, and enables a wide range of expressions that take advantage of the size of the film, such as group photos and landscape photos with a large number of people. (Film size vertical 86 mm x horizontal 108 mm)


(2) Compact and lightweight design that can be carried anywhere and printed immediately
Despite being compatible with wide formats, the printer itself is compact and lightweight, pursuing simple and easy-to-use operability. Since it can be used with USB charging, you do not need an AC adapter, and you can easily enjoy printing at home or on the go as long as you have a printer and a smartphone.

The body design has an elegant drape shape and metallic parts placed on the front and top to create a luxurious feel. The instax button on the front shines in various colors in conjunction with the operation on the dedicated app, creating not only simplicity of operability but also fun.

In addition, a stand with a design that is integrated with the printer body and a hand strap are included. You can use the printer upright like a part of the interior, or you can easily take it out and use it.


(3) Equipped with “instax-Rich mode” that can express colors more richly for the first time
The “instax-Rich mode” that can express rich colors is installed for the first time. You can choose from “instax-Natural mode”, which allows you to enjoy the soft texture unique to Chekiprint, according to your taste.


(4) “QR Print mode” that allows you to compactly QR code various contents and print them by incorporating them into captured images.
In addition to “Sound check” that QR-codes recorded data and incorporates it into an image to print, “Letter check” that QR-codes a text message, “WEB check” that QR-codes the URL of a WEB page, and the location on the map Added “Map Cheki” to QR code information. Various contents can be printed and transmitted as “QR Print mode”.

  • By converting the sound check voice message into a QR code and printing it together with the image, you can convey the feelings contained in the photo as a voice message.
  • By QR-coding a letter check text message and printing it with an image, you can give it to your friends and loved ones as a secret message card. The recipient can read the message while looking at the photo like a letter just by reading the QR code.
  • WEB check
    The link to the WEB site is QR coded and printed with the image. For example, it can be widely used as a sales promotion tool, such as creating a shop card by using the link to the store’s website as a QR code.
  • Map check
    The location information on the map is QR coded and printed with the image. For example, at a wedding ceremony, you can create an invitation on demand by printing the location information of the venue as a QR code and printing it with your favorite image.


(5) “Editable template” that allows you to create your favorite greeting cards on demand
We offer a total of 29 types of design templates, from designs that are ideal for events such as birthdays and weddings to simple designs that do not choose the season or scene. You can freely edit the color and text of the template, and create your favorite greeting card on demand.

Steps to create an editable template

(6) A dedicated app that focuses on intuitive operability
By swiping up the smartphone screen, you can easily transfer the image you want to print to “Link WIDE”, and scroll out the moment you like from the video, realizing intuitive operability.

This time, we have added a new “sticker function” that allows you to freely decorate images. In addition to the emoji installed in the OS of your smartphone, we have prepared 100 types of design stickers in the dedicated app. You can also use the “Sketch, edit & print” function to extract the pictures and characters you drew to create an original sticker and print it in combination with the image.

When printing, you can set the number of prints up to 10 sheets, which is convenient when you want to give prints to many people.

(7) Image data can be sent and printed from Fujifilm digital cameras.
Images can be sent directly to “Link WIDE” and printed from Fujifilm’s digital camera “FUJIFILM X-S10”.

5. About wide format film “BLACK”

  • A wide film with a black frame that enhances your photos and gives a cool impression.
  • This film can be used with all “instax WIDE” series that support wide formats.
  • Contains 10 pieces per pack.

6. Link about instax

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