Fujifilm Photo Exhibition Contest “PHOTO IS”

Participatory photo exhibition “Connecting the feelings of” PHOTO IS”. Photo exhibition 2021 in which you play the leading role”
Make all of Japan smile with “the power of photography”.
Call for works starts from June 1st! All exhibited works are also published online

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is a participatory photo exhibition “Connecting the Thoughts of” PHOTO IS “. You are the leading photo exhibition 2021” where the works of all exhibitors are always exhibited at the venue of your choice. Will be held sequentially at 10 venues nationwide from the Tokyo venue on October 8, 2021. The works will be exhibited together with the “feelings put into the photographs” added by the exhibitors. Prior to the event, we are looking for exhibited works * 1 from June 1st to July 31st.

We believe that photography has the power to leave important moments of joy and emotion in the form of memories, share those feelings by actually seeing the printed photos, and make many people smile and cheer up. I have. This photo shows the feelings of each and every one of you who want to make the whole of Japan smile with “the power of photography” because it is difficult to easily meet important people and have a good time together in the corona. I wanted to convey it through the exhibition, so I decided to hold “Connecting the” PHOTO IS “Thoughts. You are the leading photo exhibition 2021”.

The exhibition at the venue will be held after taking sufficient measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. All exhibited works * 2 will be published online * 3 so that even those who cannot attend the venue can enjoy this photo exhibition

In addition to the “One Favorite” section where you can apply regardless of theme or genre, we have set up a “Genki no Moto” section as the section to be recruited this time. We are looking for works that will make you feel better every time the exhibitor looks back, such as memories of traveling with loved ones and healing time with pets. In the “Instagram” section, where you can apply by simply uploading an image to Instagram with the specified hashtag, you can easily apply as a place to display the photos you take with your smartphone on a daily basis. We will also hold joint projects with multiple companies that agree with the purpose of this photo exhibition, and solicit works from a wide range of customers.

In the online event, all the submitted works will be displayed on the website of this photo exhibition from November 19, 2021 along with the “title”, “feelings (message)” and “name (nickname)”. It will be published on a special page * 2 . You can search for works not only by the exhibition hall but also by title or message, and we will propose ways to enjoy online, such as comparing works searched by keywords you care about.

In this photo exhibition with the theme of “connecting feelings”, we will carry out “Kizuna Message” as a project that can deliver a message from visitors to exhibitors. Visitors can post a handwritten message to the exhibitors at the “Kizuna Post” provided at each venue, or read the QR code installed at the venue with a smartphone and enter the message. It will be delivered to the exhibitors by mail. The exhibitors of this photo exhibition have always said, “I’m looking forward to receiving the bond message,” and many people have realized the power of photography to connect people.

FUJIFILM will continue to meet the diversifying needs of customers, provide convenient and high-value-added products and services, and convey the original value of photography, such as “taking, leaving, decorating, and giving.” I will continue.

* 1 Only one work can be submitted per person in each department. It is possible to submit the same work or different works to multiple venues, if only one piece at a time. In case of multiple applications, a special application mount for the number of applications is required. Works judged by the organizer to be clearly offensive to public order and morals cannot be exhibited due to common wisdom.
* 2 Works in the “Instagram” category are not eligible.
* 3 If you do not wish to publish online, you can keep it private.

Recruitment / holding outline

Recruitment period

From June 1st to July 31st, 2021 Store reception on the day and postmark on the day are valid
(until 23:59 on July 31st when applying from the website)

Holding period

October 8th to early December 2021 (planned)


10 venues nationwide (Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Ishikawa, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Ehime, Fukuoka, Okinawa) will be held online ( website of this photo exhibition ) from November 19, 2021 to January 30, 2022 (scheduled) )

2. “Genki no Moto” section
We are looking for “one piece that always gives you energy” such as delicious rice and sweets that are indispensable for refreshing and memories of traveling with loved ones that you will want to look back on.

3. “Instagram” section
Official account

It is a department that you can apply by simply posting a photo with the specified account name and hashtag on Instagram.

We are looking for works with four themes: #important family, #best friends, #house time, and #scenery you want to show to someone.

4. Joint planning with each company
This year as well, we will hold a joint project with multiple companies that have agreed with the purpose of this photo exhibition. The submitted work will be printed in the correct size (254mm x 254mm) and exhibited at the venue. In addition, we will make a print (152 mm x 152 mm) similar to the one on display and send it to the customer’s home. Please contact each company for application details.

(1) House food “delicious smile photo”

We are looking for “delicious smile photos” such as family groups, children’s meals, memories of dinner parties with friends and friends.

(2) Benesse Corporation <Children’s Challenge> “I made it myself!”

We are looking for pictures of children and pictures taken by children so that parents and children can share the sense of accomplishment of “I was able to do it!”.

(3) Anicom Insurance “Animal Face Exhibition”

We are looking for a lovely funny face photo of a pet that will make the viewer smile.

Application benefit

Dedicated mount application Limited plan
① 100 works that touched your heart were selected and specially exhibited at 10 venues nationwide.

A total of 100 works were selected by 10 winners, 10 of which were “inspirational works”, and the “100 inspirational works” were exhibited at 10 venues nationwide and on the official website. I will.

This year’s winners are celebrities such as Kundō Koyama, Shiro Sano, Dream Aya, Suzu Hirose, Masataka Matsutoya (in alphabetical order), Masaaki Aihara, Mineko Orisaku, Ikuko Tsurumaki, and Murai. Photographers such as Sachi and Kiichiro Yoshimoto (in alphabetical order).

② Coupon gift for business trip shooting matching service “Our Photo”

From among the applicants, 15 people will be selected by lottery to receive a 10,000 yen coupon that can be used with the on-site photography matching service “Our Photo”.

Application from website Limited plan
① Specially one print and a special photo frame gift

We will make a print (152 mm x 152 mm) similar to the one on display, and send it to the customer’s home with a stylish paper photo frame included so that you can decorate it at home. The photo frame is printed with 4 different designs and can be changed according to the mood of the day.

② WALL DECOR discount campaign

For those who applied from the website to the “One Favorite” category and the “Genki no Moto” category, the works exhibited at the photo exhibition will be sold at a special rate (1,760 yen to 4,730 yen (tax included, free shipping)). We will carry out a campaign that can be made into “WALL DECOR” (a service that processes photos into panels and frames). We propose a lifestyle with photos, such as decorating the walls of the room as an interior.

Application method

Application department Application method
“One of my favorites” category /
“Genki no Moto” category
Apply with a special mount
(1) Purchase a special application mount of 550 yen (suggested retail price, tax included) at photo shops nationwide, PHOTO IS photo exhibition official website, and our EC site “Fujifilm Mall”
(2) Fill in the required items on the special application mount and bring it to a photo shop nationwide, or send it to the Fujifilm “PHOTO IS” secretariat.
Work address
〒205-0023 2-10-8 Shinmeidai, Hamura-shi, Tokyo
Fujifilm “PHOTO IS” secretariat

You can apply for any print type such as large stretch print, check print, or shuffle print.

Apply from the website (smartphone / PC) ① Access the application website ( https://photo-is.jp/special/ )
② Upload images and messages on the website (application fee: 550 yen (tax included)) The
submitted photos and messages will be sponsored. The person will print it in the right size (254mm x 254mm) and display it. In addition, we will make a print (152 mm x 152 mm) similar to the one on display and send it to the customer’s home.
“Instagram” section
① Follow the official account ( fujifilm_photois ) of “You are the leading photo exhibition”
(2) Post with the specified mention / hashtag on Instagram (application fee: free)
Designated Mention Hashtag
@fujifilm_photois #Photo
exhibition where you are the protagonist

  • One from your desired venue
    (#Tokyo venue, #Sapporo venue, #Sendai venue, #Ishikawa venue, #Nagoya venue, #Osaka venue, #Hiroshima venue, #Ehime venue, #Fukuoka venue, Okinawa venue)
  • One of the recruitment themes
    (#important family, #best friends, #house time, #scenery you want to show to someone)

The submitted work will be printed with the account name, printed in the size (127mm x 127mm) by the organizer, and displayed at the venue of your choice.
In addition, we will provide a service to hand over prints (89 mm x 89 mm) only to exhibitors in the “Instagram” section who came to the venue.
Please refer to the official Instagram account for details.

Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi) 10/8 (Friday) -10/13 (Wednesday)

Sapporo venue

JR Tower, JR Sapporo Station 10/22 (Friday) -10/24 (Sunday)

Sendai venue

Around Sendai Station (planned) 12/3 (Friday) -12/5 (Sunday)

Ishikawa venue

Ishikawa Prefecture (planned) Schedule adjustment in progress

Nagoya Congress Center

LACHIC 10/22 (Friday) -10/24 (Sunday)

Osaka venue

Grand Front Osaka 10/29 (Friday) -10/31 (Sunday)

Hiroshima venue

Kamiyacho Shareo 11/19 (Friday) -11/21 (Sunday)

Ehime venue

Emifull MASAKI 10/15 (Friday) -10/17 (Sunday)

Fukuoka venue

Solaria Plaza 11/5 (Friday) -11/7 (Sunday)

Okinawa venue

San-A Naha Main Place Friday, November 26th to Sunday, November 28th

* Venue and date and time are subject to change.
* The event may be canceled at each venue in accordance with the guidelines of the government and local governments regarding the spread of new coronavirus infection.

Held online
From November 19, 2021 to January 30, 2022, this photo exhibition will include all the submitted works, along with the “title”, “feelings (message)” and “name (nickname)”. It will be published on the special page on the website. We would like many people to see the works that they saw at the exhibition hall, such as those who want to see them again and those who cannot visit because the exhibition hall is far away.

In the online event, works will be published for each category (family / friends / pets / travel / food / events / seasons and nature / living / life / others) specified by the exhibitor at the time of application. You can also search by keyword from the title or message of the work.

For example, you can search for keywords such as “smile” and “thank you” and enjoy the work while imagining what kind of work will be displayed. We hope that you will enjoy viewing the photo exhibitions that are unique to online, and will convey the exhibitor’s “feelings in the photographs.”

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