Fujifilm X-S10 Development Staff Interview: Small, Slim, Secure, Simple, Stabilization

Camera Kitamura interviewed the preson in charge of the Fujifilm X-S10’s development. You can see part 1 above and the summary will be below in addition to part 2.

  • The Fujifilm X-S10 was developed to be smaller than the X-T4
  • The S in X-S represents many things Small, Slim, Secure, Simple, Stabilization
  • The new grip lets you hold more of the cameras weight with your right hand
  • You can hold the camera better with just one hand with the new grip
  • The new grip is to help people new to X cameras
  • The battery in the grip is now vertical instead of horizontal making the grip bigger and providing more space in the body for IBIS
  • The designer also thinks that the new grip is more natural for users
  • The new dial is designed to make the camera more familiar to photographers coming from other systems
  • Happy they added custom settings to the dial instead of having it in the menus
  • Adding a PSAM dial gives the X-S its own identity
  • The X-S is a gate way camera into the X series and it’s important to adopt things like PSAM to keep it simple
  • Really likes film simulations
  • Fujifilm is known for image quality and film simulations are a part of that
  • You can find the optimal film simulation easily with the X-S
  • Putting film simulations and advanced filters on a dial lets you find the right one quickly
  • Does not think the selfie screen (variable angle screen) won’t be on every camera in the future
  • The new selfie screen doesn’t match the personality of every camera
  • The X-S is inferior to the X-T, but it has good enough functionality
  • The X-S does have the same color as other high end cameras, which is useful for youtubers
  • Would be great to have an LCD tilt in three directions

Summary of Part 2

  • People expect IBIS today
  • Fujifilm wanted to add shake correction that doesn’t affect image quality to their cameras but making the tech smaller took time
  • Their IBIS systems were restricted to larger body cameras like the GFX and XT4
  • Fujifilm’s IBIS is evolving
  • They had to reduce the correction stages to make the IBIS smaller
  • X-H1 to X-T4 made the IBIS system 30% smaller and lighter
  • The X-S emphasizes video while ensuring heat dissipation
  • IBIS doesn’t fix everything there is also subject blur when a subject is moving quickly
  • Increasing shutter speed is also important when image quality matters
  • It’s Fujifilm’s desire to allow you to take a stable picture even in low light situations
  • The X-S adopts the X-T4’s AF system
  • X-T4 is better at AF-C and subject tracking though
  • Right now there are 18 film simulations
  • If you come from the film days you know what you’re getting with film simulations
  • If you press the Q button after using the dial for simulations the camera will give you an explanation of the film simulation
  • Many young people have never shot film
  • Now you can master film simulation
  • The ability to AF at -7EV is almost AF in the dark
  • -7 EV is based on the XF50mm f/1 R WR and it is -6 EV with a f/1.4 lens
  • Fujifilm X-T4 and X-S10 have the same low light AF
  • Low light is where cameras beat smart phones, but they are getting better
  • Larger sensor cameras have better pixel pitch for image quality
  • Auto/SP is a new mode that picks the best film simulation mode automatically
  • The auto simulation mode picks between Provia/Velvia/Astia and adjusts color chrome blue automatically when a large blue sky is detected
  • You can also capture RAW while shooting in auto mode so you can pick other simulations later if you want along with adjust color chrome, clarity, dynamic range, etc…
  • Auto/SP kind of acts like an auto scene mode
  • The X-S10 is an easy camera to use but it is also a deep camera

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