Possible Fujifilm GFX Modular Sensor Found The IMX661LQA-C

The modular Fujifilm GFX design has been a popular design since Fujifilm first showed off the concept at the X Summit, but multiple space-related constraints prevented this camera from becoming a reality. When Fujifilm was asked about the GFX modular design in 2019 after the X Summit they said

  • Fujifilm didn’t put any technical research into how they could make a modular GFX
  • There are currently no plans to make the modular GFX, but maybe they will in the future when they have the technology to make one.
  • It probably got a lot of attention because it was unique and compact.
  • Fujifilm was surprised by the excitement from their customer and photographers about a modular GFX system

Then in 2020 when Fujifilm was asked again about the modular GFX their statement evolved to

  • The modular GFX was through without consideration for current technical limitations and so was the X-Pro style GFX which became the GFX50R

There have been other similar statements since the GFX modular was first teased, but a recently found sensor the IMX661LQA-C could bring the GFX Modular design one step closer to reality with its global shutter that is capable of 15fps.

The sensor is a 3.6″ sensor which is larger than the 3.4″ that is currently used in the GFX50 and GFX100 line, but GFX glass should have a large enough image circle for 3.6″ without a problem. The exclusive use of a global shutter could make the camera extremely adaptable, but it also will save a lot of space inside the body that could make the popular modular concept a reality.

This could be an interesting move by Fujifilm leading to a more Hasselblad like camera design with a more traditional medium format experience and we all know how much Fujifilm thinks about the experience of using a camera. Fujifilm might even be able to include IBIS, but if they did try to make it best the GFX100 in every way than I could easily see it being a 20k body if delivered in the near future, but in a few years maybe they can get the design price down to around where the GFX100 is today and upgrade the GFX100 to a GFX120 or GFX127. This would give us 4 GFX body styles to choose from.

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