Fujifilm Recommended Ankler PowerCore 26800PD Deeply Discounted

I purchased the PowerCore+26800 PD last time it was on sale and it is by far the best of my 15 battery banks. I rarely if ever am able to drain it below 50% and it is quite compact for how much charge it holds. You can even hook it to your Mac Book Pro if you are desperate for a little more battery life. The 2018 15″ MBP has about 7,336 mAh according to some while the PowerCore+26800 PD has 26,800mAh of capacity. The USB-C charger that comes with the PowerCore+26800 PD is also great for charging cameras like the GFX100.

You can currently save big on the PowerCore+26800 PD for a limited time so do not miss out. It is even cheaper than the Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD at this time.

Battery Banks For Fujifilm Cameras
Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD
PowerCore+26800 PD

This is the detailed information about the recommended mobile battery for FUJIFILM digital cameras
which have the battery charge function via a USB cable.

  1. Recommended mobile battery
Brand Type
Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD
PowerCore+26800 PD

* Anker and PowerCore are trademark or registered trademark of Anker Innovations Limited or associated companies.

  1. Applicable models and status of charging battery/supplying power

All the models below have the battery charge function via a USB cable while a camera is off.
And in some of models, power is supplied by the mobile battery while a camera is on (shooting/playback modes)(*1)

Model Charging battery while a camera is off. Supplying power while a camera is on.
X-T3 X X
X-T2 X X
X-H1 X X
X-E3 X X
X-T20 X X
X100F X X
X100T X X
X-T100 X
X-A5 X
X-A3 X
XF10 X

*1:If a camera with a charged battery is connected to the mobile battery,
the mobile battery supplies power to the camera, so that the power
consumption of the battery in the camera becomes less. It is very
useful especially for a continuous shooting like a movie, time lapse shooting
and so on. If the camera turns off, a battery charge automatically starts.

  1. How to connect the mobile battery to a camera (recommendation)

(1) Prepare the USB cable to connect a camera and the mobile battery.
* In case of X-T3, use the cable bundled with the mobile battery
or commercial “TypeC to TypeC” cablecertified by USB-IF.
In case of cameras other than X-T3, use a commercial “TypeC to MicroB” cable
certified by USB-IF.

(2) Connect a USB cable to the USB terminal of a camera.

(3) There are two kinds of output ports, USB Standard-A and Type-C on the mobile battery.
In case of charging battery and supplying power, use the output ports of the USB Type-C.

Model Port on a camera Port on the mobile battery USB cable to be used(*2)
X-T3 Connect to USB Type-C port Connect to Type-C port Type-C to Type-C cable
X-T2 Connect to USB MicroB port Connect to Type-C port Type-C to MicroB cable

*2:If you use a commercial cable, use a cable certified by USB-IF.

  1. How to use the recommended mobile battery

(1) Connecting a USB cable to the mobile battery starts supplying power and charging
a battery in a camera.Removing it stops them.
(2) The indicator lamp on a camera is on in green or orange during charging a battery in a camera.
(3) The indicator lamp on a camera is off during supplying power from the mobile battery.
(4) In case of cameras with the tether shooting function, set the PC CONNECTION MODE to
USB CARD READER. Otherwise, a camera may not work correctly.
(5) About charging the mobile battery, refer to the owner’s manual of the product.
* When you don’t use the mobile battery, remove the USB cable from both a camera
and the mobile batteryfor its power save.
* Batteries in a Vertical Battery Grip and Vertical Power Boost Grip cannot be charged through a camera.

  1. Reference

(1) Rough standard of how many times the mobile battery can charge a battery in a camera

Mobile battery Cameras with NP-W126S/NP-W126 Cameras with NP-95
PowerCore Speed 20000 PD approx. 5 times approx. 7 times
PowerCore+26800 PD approx. 7 times approx. 10 times

(2)Battery life

Mobile battery X-T3 X-H1
Still image Movie recording (4K/60P) Still image Movie recording (4K/30P)
Without mobile battery approx. 390 Approx. 40 min. approx. 310 approx. 45 min.
Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD approx. 1500 approx. 320 min. approx. 1300 approx. 290 min.
Anker PowerCore+26800 PD approx. 1900 approx. 400 min. approx. 1600 approx. 290 min.
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