Fujifilm GFX50R vs GFX50S

Big Head Taco compared the Fujifilm GFX50R and Fujifilm GFX50S. Below are his main points:

  • SLR style vs Range Finder
  • GFX50R is about $1,000 less than GFX50S
  • GFX50S has interchangeable eyecups
  • GFX50R and GFX50S use the same EVF, but the GFX50S EVF is a little bigger
  • GFX50S has a great shutter button like the Fujifilm X-H
  • GFX50R has a dedicated exposure compensation dial
  • GFX50R has a dial around the shutter button instead of the front of the camera
  • GFX50R shutter button is Fujifilm X-Pro like
  • GFX50R has less weight and is thinner, which causes the camera to not be as balanced
  • GFX50S is better for longer/heavier lenses
  • GFX50S has 3-way tilt
  • GFX50R has 2-way tilt
  • GFX50S has a proprietary Hasselblad style strap lug
  • GFX50R has traditional lug-mounts like other Fujifilm cameras
  • GFX50S has a dedicated ISO dial and the GFX50R does not
  • GFX50R buttons are all to the right
  • GFX50S has better input/output placement
  • GFX50R has odd placement for its ports with a 3.5 mic jack on the left, but HDMI on the right
  • GFX50R can’t access the battery with a tripod plate attached
  • GFX50R can have ports blocked at time due to poor layout
  • GFX50S has the play/trash/Autofocus selection control poorly located
  • GFX50R and XE-3 are laid out almost exactly the same
  • GFX50R has an illuminator light
  • GFX50R has Bluetooth
  • GFX50R is easier to take out shooting
  • BHT like bundling both with the GF63mm more than the 45mm
  • BHT would go with the GFX50S if he could only pick one
  • The GFX50S with GF63mm weights about 100g more than the GFX50R, but the GFX50R feels heavier due to weight distribution
  • Looking forward to the GFX100

I am very happy with my Fujifilm GFX50S, but if both were released at the same time I probably would have gone with the Fujifilm GFX50R. If Fujifilm went with a hybrid viewfinder this would be an easy choice for many, but the GFX50R should have at least had a viewfinder equal to the GFX50S’ magnification.

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