New Fujifilm Camera Registered Today And Might Be The X80 or XT2S

Letsgodigital spotted a Fujifilm camera registered for Bluetooth certification today with the model number FF170003. It is believed that this camera could be the rumored Fujifilm XT2S or X80, but what about the XT100 that was also rumored… either way we should see yet another great camera from Fujifilm soon. Thanks for the heads up guys.

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  • Wild Treck

    It would be nice if they could clear up the model numbers. The XT2s is either the more sports and videography oriented version of the XT2 or is it the XT3.

    • Sebastien

      X-T2s will have IBIS.

      • I kind of hope the IBIS rumors aren’t true, because it will compromise image quality. Like 90% of the speculation out there is clickbait and I try to stay away from it… The sites that post it simply say things were shelved or mothballed etc… there is pressure for IBIS, but it’s completely from people that don’t understand the draw backs on X-mount.

        The only thing the X-T2 really needs is a deeper buffer and maybe an electronic shutter that’s more similar to the a9. The X-T2 comes close to the a9, but not close enough yet… I imagine it will be launched along side the XF200 f/2.

  • Conroy Kim

    I am so close to purchasing a x70, do you think i should wait?

    • I would wait if you’re not going to save a decent amount of money on the X70.