Innovative Lens Cap For The Fujinon XF 23 mm F 2 R WR and XF 35 mm F 2 R WR

Translated Release:
Oriental Hobby Co., Ltd. added 43 mm as a new size of Freemod’s lens cap “Freemod X-CAP 2” and “Freemod X-CAP 2 F UV filter integrated type”, and began selling on April 5. The color is black and two colors of silver.

This product is a general-purpose lens cap to be installed on the filter thread frame. The aluminum curtain opens by pulling out the tip part of the attached lens cap, which is characterized by the structure that it closes when it returns.

Freemod X-CAP 2 F UV filter integral type is a product in which UV filter manufactured by Taiwan STC company is incorporated inside. It is a superior model added UV protection effect and protection effect to prevent dust and dirt.

The existing lineup is 5 sizes of 37 mm, 40.5 mm, 46 mm, 49 mm, 52 mm.

The external dimensions of Freemod X-CAP 2 are 55.5 × 7.8 mm (5.6 mm after installation). Weight is 14 g.

The suggested retail price is 6,458 yen including tax.

Freemod X – CAP 2 F UV filter integral type external dimensions are 55.5 x 7.8 mm (5.6 mm after installation). Weight is 16 g.

The recommended retail price is 8,618 yen including tax.

The 43 mm conformance confirmed lenses released in Japan are as follows (as of April 2017).

  • Canon EF – M 22 mm F 2 STM
  • FUJIFILM XF 23 mm F 2 R WR
  • FUJIFILM XF 35 mm F 2 R WR

Via DC.Watch

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  • zcommando

    Ordered a few. Will try them out, and see how many i would need if they are good. Thanks for the tip. I sure hope this is the answer i have been looking for. Appreciate your work.

    • Thanks. Let me know how you like them. I might pick some up myself.

      • zcommando

        Hi Louis, i ordered 2 from Amazon. size 46. I put on on my 50 1.2 and it works pretty good. There is a darkness to the corners that is not really full blown vignetting but not real great either. If you crop then I see no issue. Not sure what other lenses I can fit the other 46 on yet. I ordered a range of different sizes from Asia will let you know after they get in. All in all i think its the best idea since sliced bread. But i hate lens caps so it does not take much. Cheers.