Fujifilm GFX 50S First Lok

Lok goes hands on with the Fujifilm GFX 50S first the first time and he sounds really impressed. He likes the feel a lot and describes the AF as being not far off from the Fujifilm X-T2, but the Fujifilm rep is quick to correct him and says that it is about the speed of the a launch Fujifilm X-T1, which was my first impression. I am glad that Kai and Lok are back in full swing and I hope they do more cross over videos soon.

Fujifilm GFX 50S: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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  • Wally Kilburg

    Per the GFX…I did get mine – finally. It appears to be a capable camera but it also seems to suffer from over-hype like many new cameras do. Right off, the strap connection is the dumbest, worst design ever. The same guy responsible for poor planning and distribution of product must have had a hand in it. Overall the camera appears to do what I need it for. I will say, clarity is a great way to describe the images. I used a 645z and these images so far are just as good, possibly better but good for my needs. Fuji nailed imaging. Oh, the RoboSHOOT triggers are the best and I can say the beta FW works well with Profoto B1’s.

    • Nicholas Hill

      Did you get working with Profoto B1’s using the Nikon or Canon Trigger for HSS?

      • Wally Kilburg

        Nicholas, I used the Profoto TTL-N (Nikon) because thats what RoboSHOOT translates. They convert the Fuji TTL flash protocol to Nikon i-TTL instructions, so its possible to mount a trigger like the Profoto TTL-N or (Godox X1N as it maybe) on the MX unit and pass the signals to a B1/B2. TTL works but not HSS in TTL. I’m told the flash timing (pre-flash and exposure) window for the Fuji’s are very tight which is preventing it for now. HSS and the B1 works fine with the B1 set to manual and camera to Auto FP.

        • Nicholas Hill

          Thanks for info.

      • Lots of people were overly concerned about sync speed. Leaf shutters are great and we might see lenses with them in the future but for now there are plenty of HSS solutions. You just have to dial everything in and generally speaking TTL isn’t optimized for HSS situations anyways. You’re better off lighting manually when doing HSS.

        And yes I know leaf shutters are more effecent with light but that’s pretty much all that can be argued about now.

        • Nicholas Hill

          I tend to agree. I am always taking the studio on location so need to work blend with ambient light a lot more. I am not a fan of ND filters. Manual HSS is all I require. To use 3 x B1’s will be fantastic. I will probably wait and see how the Fuji / Profoto relationship pans out as per the rumours.

          • I am sure it will be fine, but the RoboSHOOT is a solid product. Plus it enables a lot of other flashes. I think Profoto will officially support Fujifilm soon, but until then I am very happy with my setup.