Zack Arias GFX Launch Night GPP 2017, Confirming Capture One Support



Zack Arias’ Fujifilm GFX 50S GPP Talk

Beginning: I used to make fun of people pixel peeping until I shot medium format…

He then goes into a long personal story that is somewhat inspirational, but weird…

Zack has always been drawn to medium format and wants to work with it over all else, but he doesn’t want to shoot models.

Photographing with medium format is for him and he is being selfish.

Which then leads into his interesting photo project which includes waterboarding/shaved heads/and late night rendezvous with long bearded men.

Around 30 Minutes: Zack’s son doesn’t have any interest in the Phase One anymore after shooting the GFX. He shows some of his sons work with the GFX too.

Zack uses an interesting term stereoscopic bokeh to describe the look for medium format bokeh.

39 Minutes: Extreme pixel peeping. Pretty amazing example that I don’t want to spoil where he shows a person and then the entire frame the person camera from.

43 Minutes: 12,800 ISO blows Zack away.

47 Minutes: Capture One confirmation. Zack isn’t sure, but then a Fujifilm representative walks up and confirms that Capture One will support the Fujifilm GFX50S at launch.

The Capture One confirmation is the only real news from the talk. There have been quite a few whispers that it’s coming, but this is as certain as you will get before an official announcement from Fujifilm.

Fujifilm GFX B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama

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  • Mato

    Zack is a talented photographer and his educational videos are often very good. However his opinions on gear have to be taken with a large dose (not just a pinch) of salt, as he is also a shameless marketer who will say whatever is needed to promote a product. I recall his video extolling the virtues of APS-C sensors, along the lines of “who needs full frame”, in fact ridiculing people who prefer full frame; now he tells us that he’s always wanted to shoot MF.

    • Alexis

      Thank you. I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • binotto

    It’s ben fun to read the rumours about Capture One support sway from definitely no, it’s a competing product, to yes, and then a Fujifilm rep. confirming. Phase One will get to learn a lot about how a competitor has designed their RAW processor around the same generation sensor that they use, so it’s not just a question of the GFX stealing sales from the XF system. (The extra sales of Capture One –”the professionals’ choice”– will outweigh any loss of XF sales anyway.)

  • alba63

    Maybe some find this speech entertaining, I personally think he is telling loads of personal stuff that is boring me. The pics are shown with a projector/ beamer which is what? 2k resolution? Doesn’t show anything in terms of superior quality…

    • Which is why I broke it all down for readers in text and mention the only real value is the Capture One confirmation (even if it makes it easier for other sites to copy and paste). The 100% is kind of interesting, but if you found the text compelling you could decided to watch the whole thing.

      Obviously Facebook live isn’t a great format for delivering picture quality. Youtube isn’t either. I personally found it all very depressing and I’m surprised Fujifilm sanctioned it, but I am happy I found video of the event to share.