Think Tank Signature 10 & 13

With a firm release date in sight for the Fujifilm GFX 50S I had to commit to buying a bigger bag and I wanted to let readers know that I decided to go with the new Think Tank Signature 13. I have never owned a Think Tank bag before this, but I have heard lots of good things from friends about them so I decided to give their new bag a chance. It’s very similar dimensionally to the Billingham Hadley Pro, which was the bag I was leaning towards because I love their smaller bags, but I wanted to further expand my bag selection.

Of course demonstrating what fits in the Signature 10 using a Fujifilm X-T1 with XF56 1.2 attached along with XF23 1.4, XF16 1.4, XF35 1.4 and XF50-140 2.8 didn’t hurt their marketing pitch to me. Hopefully I can fit a lens or two with my GFX in the Signature 13 along with my EF-X500 and some other accessories. I just wish this bag came as a Signature 15, because I would never edit on a 13-inch laptop.

Think Tank Signature 13 (Slate Gray/Olive)
B&H Photo

Think Tank Signature 10 (Slate Gray/Olive)
B&H Photo

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  • Krishna808

    Lovely looking bags but the term “Wool like fabric” doesn’t shout waterproof at me. Does anyone know the durability of these bags once in the great outdoors?

    • From their site “Hand sewn advanced fabrics blend weather protection and durability with the classic feel of fine wool.” Nothing is quite Billingham weather proof, but almost all of my kit is weather proof now. If you watch they video they talk about it a little too.

      -Durable water-repellant (DWR) coating
      -Polyurethane coating
      -240D wool-like 195G nylon/poly blend

      So it should be fine. These bags are new. So no one has one yet.

      • Krishna808

        Cheers. They sound great. My Billingham is just slightly too big for my Fuji gear and there’s no way I’m buying another just to get one a few cm’s smaller!

        • I currently own 3 smallish bags. They are nice, but not great for a bigger kit. Believe me I hate having to buy more, but at least your bag is too big instead of too small.

          • Krishna808

            Hmmm, maybe I should buy some more lenses to make the most of the space 😉