A few days ago Petapixel exposed a misinformation article on titled “Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer” which recommended brides only hire photographers that use Canon or Nikon. then updated their article shortly after petapixel brought it to photographers attention, which was then followed by an apology letter. Now a Sony photographer Jason Lanier is putting and Tiffani Matsuura on blast by pointing out more problems with the photographer and bridal magazine industry.

I think a true photographer can make any camera work for them, but it takes knowledge and experience. Watch a few episodes of cheap camera challenge if you think gear is key. The only way you should judge a photographer is by their portfolio.

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  • a-traveler

    More “fake-news” as click-bait. Bride Magazine manufactures a non-story to get more clicks. Now many camera blogs/fora have created a “Controversy” to get more clicks as well. Meh!

    • Actually their article could have been very helpful for people planning a wedding. I had to advise a few friends years ago and you would be surprised how clueless people can be. One even preferred my photos attending as a friend over their 10k photographer’s.

      “Clicks” only kind of pay (basically hosting costs). Affiliates and paid advertising is where the money is if you’re lucky. If you watched Jason’s video it discusses the pay to play nature of bridal magazines. He also talks about how the damage is done and how the article narrows the market for the tens of thousands or maybe even millions that already read it before it was updated.

      I wasn’t going to steel his thunder, but that’s why I decided to cover the story at this point. He addressed the damage done to wedding photographers that do not use Canon/Nikon in his video. He also put the industry on blast.

      It’s not “fake news” it is probably just news that doesn’t applies to you, but that doesn’t change the fact that you should do everything you can to dispel this kind of nonsense. Let them have the clicks and the shame that come with them.

      • Torey Azure

        Seems like looking at their portfolio of previous photos would be much better judge of the photographer.

        Doubt much damage was done this article. Do brides really read that article and ask their photographer what type of gear they have? Even if they did a decent photographer would have a decent response.