Fujifilm X-Pro 2 Hybrid Viewfinder Tips

The X-Pro 2’s hybrid viewfinder is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of the X-Pro 2, while being one of the cameras biggest selling points. Many users do not see the point of such a versatile viewfinder and will instead opt to buy an X-T1 or X-T2 for the bigger EVF and lower price. Range finder photographers like me tend to prefer it because of the Leica like experience, but there are ways to use it strategically beyond framing. The Fujifilm Blog has a very interesting post about a creative way to use the hybrid view finder that I never considered and it starts with the following settings.

Navigate to the following and turn each setting to ‘OFF’


Turning off these settings will now reward you with the ability to see at a high shutter speed while using the EVF.

If the hybrid viewfinder intrigues you or if you like shooting things like fire then the blog post is worth your time. While testing the Fujinon XF 100-400mm I never considered trying it with the OVF, but I keep reading about photographers utilizing the OVF, with lenses outside of its framing ability, to get results they couldn’t obtain with just an EVF alone.

via Fujifilm-Blog

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  • nwcs

    The only reason I didn’t buy a Pro2 and am waiting for the T2 is that for glasses wearers the Pro2 viewfinder has too small and eye point and, by even X Photog reports, is uncomfortable to use (with glasses).

    • Fujica

      Eventhough I own a X-Pro2 and am very happy with it I agree.

      Fujifilm should never have done away with the option to change the diopter glasses. It also allowed you to change they eyepiece. This has all been done away with, while I think Fujifilm could have easily sold thousands of eyepieces for the X-Pro2 if they left it like it was as the original X-Pro.

    • The X-Pro 2 has an adjustable diopter that I find sufficient for my minor vision issues. I have adjusted it for others with more sever vision issues and they were fine. The only thing I don’t like about it is how easily you can move it in your bag.

      • nwcs

        For me, though, I have moderate to major astigmatism so I can’t rely on the diopters. Although my diopters are outside the standard range, too, so I’d always be doomed, lol.

  • J.L. Williams

    My glasses get along fairly well with the X-Pro 2’s viewfinder, but I agree the X-Pro 1 has a more comfortable view once you have the correct diopter lens installed. The problem (or so I was told by a camera store employee I know) was that the need for an external diopter lens made it really difficult to demonstrate the X-Pro 1 to prospective customers; it wasn’t practical to keep a full stock of diopter lenses in the store and then spend time experimenting to find the best fit for each prospect, and without the correct diopter many customers would simply say, “I can’t even see through this thing!” and move on to a different camera.