Damien Lovegrove Band Stand Shot Tutorial

Fujifilm is working diligently to provide photographers with new resources since updating the official Fujifilm-X website. In this video Damien Lovegrove walks us through his thought process while shooting a model with his Fujfilm X-Pro 2 and Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R. I haven’t done much work with models, but I always find watching others give direction interesting.

Via Fujifilm

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  • nwcs

    It’s a fairly simple tutorial but very similar to how I deal with people when I shoot people. Thing is that it’s very hard to convey the sense of what you’re looking for (aesthetic, angle, pose, etc.) in a shot. That comes mostly from experience. The problem I’ve seen with many photographers is that they don’t know how to talk to people — especially female models. I used to be a bit shy in dealing with people while photographing until a well known photographer took me aside and helped me understand how I could be both respectful and direct. Made a world of difference in my people photography.

    • I hope to practice shooting with models more in the future.

      • nwcs

        Same here. There are some local versions of model mayhem that I sometimes participate in for practice. It’s fun and the people are nice but the models range from no experience to moderate.

        • I have always preferred street and nature, but I’m often asked to photograph weddings I attend and I enjoy learning new skills.

  • I love Damien’s work and I’m hardly fit to second guess someone like him, but. . . is it just me or is she a bit out of focus in most of these? I’d be afraid to shoot at f1.4 in this situation because I’d be concerned that the AF would grab the fence (yes, even my X-Pro2) and that looks to be exactly what happened. Lovely photos of course, but it is a bit distracting to have the focus off like that.