Zeiss Touit Confusions: Updated

Zeiss 3

It appear’s there is some confusion about the manufacture rebate form posted by Adorama that was pulled and I am doing my best to straiten it out for readers. I read all of the related materials multiple time and there are no clear restrictions preventing its use, further I contacted the rebate center at 1-800-953-3098 to see if there are any restrictions I missed and they informed me there are none so readers looking to take advantage of this deal should be fine. This rebate falls on Zeiss to honor, so unless they end the program or change the terms, people with the original rebate forum should be ok.

The rebate also covers the independent purchase of the Zeiss Touit 12mm and 32mm, among many M/Nikon/Canon lenses that can be adapted to X-mount, so you might want to take a look at the rebate before finalizing your order.

It looks like the Zeiss direct manufacture rebate has an exclusion that was not an issue in the original post

Restrictions: Limit of one rebate claim per eligible product per household. Rebate card issued in U.S. currency. Valid while supplies last for purchases made in the 50 United States. Promotion is void where prohibited or restricted by law. Submissions must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase date to qualify. Submissions postmarked after 30 days of purchase date will be denied. Not valid with any other rebate offer. No rain checks.

In all likelihood Adorma and B&H negotiated the ability to provide customers with an instant savings due to their size, but the rebate department was not included so there is confusion, but even after clarifying all of this the Zeiss phone representatives still say the offer is valid with Adorama and B&H. Hopefully Zeiss honors all of the original rebate forms and purchases made before the update and provides us with an explanation of what went wrong.

Three Lens Combo
B&H Photo

Zeiss Touit 12mm
B&H Photo

Zeiss Touit 32mm
B&H Photo

Zeiss Touit 50mm
B&H Photo

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  • jeffp3456

    I received this from Adorama today 🙁

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Thank you for shopping at Adorama.

    Thank you for your recent order of kit ZITFL3-Zeiss Touit 3 x Lens Kit. We

    had an error on our site where this kit was mistakenly advertised with BOTH

    the instant rebate and the mail rebate. Unfortunately, only one rebate can

    be applied to this kit. As you have already received the $700 rebate

    discount, bringing your kit price from $2718.00 to $2018.00, you will not be

    eligible for the mail-in rebate.

    I have put your order on HOLD pending your confirm that you still wish to

    proceed with this order as-is.

    We apologize for the error.

    Elyssa K | Adorama Inc.| Customer Service

    • Yes, it seems there has been some back peddling on the original rebate forum. There was arguable a catch all provision in the small print, but the restrictions weren’t always clear as per the original listing. Personally I would hash it out with Zeiss since last I called the representatives were still saying they will accept the rebate forum with the UPC codes, but I am sure the situation is one big over sight, so things might change.

      I am of the opinion that this matter should be resolved in favor of the consumer for multiple reasons, but I’m just wearing my blogger hat and unless there are a lot of pissed off consumers willing to push hard it will be up to the good graces of the companies involved.

      There are tons of good arguments for why they should honor at least a portion of the orders that were created by the rebate form. Since they were made in good faith, but there was a point where things became more grey.

      All we can do as bloggers is try to report what is made available to us by a multitude of sources. My reporting was based on language used by Adorama, B&H Photo and Zeiss rebate/representatives that I could contact. If I were purchasing I would fight for the rebate, depending on when the purchase was made. This matter involves two companies and Adorama isn’t the company that has to honor the rebate. Maybe try getting something in writing from the rebate hotline since they are pretty insistent when you call… I wrote Zeiss Corp earlier today for additional clarification so maybe they will respond.

      It seems all the blogs are on the same page now, I am a little more pro consumer, but I can see someone that doesn’t read blogs making an honest mistake by stumbling across the rebate form. E.g. oh look there’s this great rebate… Adorama has an instant rebate and B&H Photo has instant savings… Well B&H Photo is probably just reducing inventory so this rebate is valid since it only excludes other rebates, plus I called rebate customer service and they said it was ok…. If Zeiss wanted to make their restriction crystal clear it would read something like “Rebate not valid on discounted merchandise.” and their representatives would tell you that on the phone when you called.