Lens Packs

Lens Packs  sent me some review samples, of their X-mount quick change caps to use while I am working on my X-Pro 2 review. So far I am impressed with their build quality and the representative has been helpful answering my questions, but now that I am starting to use them daily I want to know if readers have any questions about these that I can answer.

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  • James Donahue

    I don’t understand what they are used for.

    • Basically they secure to your case (using hook like velcro) so you can rapidly switch your lenses. It’s a novel idea and I am surprised I haven’t seen something like it before. The website makes some interesting claims. I am curious to see how beneficial they are in daily use. So far I haven’t had a chance to do any serious street shooting with them, but I will in the coming weeks… I already had a dialog with the developers, but I left my post open ended to see what kind of comments and E-mails I received about the product.

      • Jo Jundt

        Is it really such a clever idea?

        Usually I have one lens attached to a camera. When changing that to another lens, it will become difficult to store the first lens in the bag, if there’s no more free compartment.
        So I need a compartment for the camera plus an additional empty one for the attached lens, otherwise the whole idea won’t work. So, either way I dismount the lens and travel with spearated body and lenses, but am “not ready for the moment”, or I will loose space in the bag.

        Also, I checked my ThinkTank bags: only few have the fluffy Velcro counterpart at the bottom of the bag.

        In the video I saw 3 lenses attached to the bag’s bottom without any dividers – not very practical.

        Also, when taking the bag on a bike, will the lenses get loose after a while of vibrations?

  • Jo Jundt

    Could you check how they work with WR lenses and their rubber rings round the mount? To me, it appears the lens caps would bend away the rubber. Could you give us a picture how it looks like when attached to one of these lenses?

    You think they can grip a lens well over long time without letting it go loose?

    Clever idea with the velcro.

  • exkeks

    Please check which camera bag materials the velcro base can be safely attached to.