Getting Creative With Product Photography

Product Photography dscf0214
image courtesy of The Fujifilm Blog

I have been spending a lot of time researching product photography lately, because it is an area I need to improve to better present my equipment reviews on the web. While doing so, I came across a novel approach on The Fujifilm Blog that is worth sharing. I am often amazed at the various methods photographers have come up with to accomplish product photography inexpensively, but the Fujifilm Blog’s method is probably the quickest/easiest setup I have come across yet.

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  • Francisco Santos

    nice idea 🙂 now i have to polish my shower

    • My old cast iron tub won’t work with this method sadly.

      • Francisco Santos

        put a white bed sheet over it

        • Nice suggestion, but won’t that cut down on reflectivity? I actually decided to buy a semi inexpensive light box that I will post about soon.