Potential Cause of The X-Pro 2 Delay Found?


Capture from first X-Pro 2 Sample

Optyczne.pl has reported that they found a potential issue with the production X-Pro 2s they received, which might explain the initial delay. When doing exposures of 3 minutes long without light entering the camera, there is what appears to be light entering on the left side of the frame and the phase detection pixels become visible when shooting above 3200 ISO. The issue is significantly more noticeable in RAW files than in JPEG, and these aren’t normal shooting conditions so I am not sure what prompted the test.  After reporting the issue to Fuji, they were sent another camera with a newer 1.00 firmware and it somewhat corrected the issue, but not entirely. This shouldn’t affect most users, but you can read more about it on optyczne.pl.

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  • nwcs

    Hmm. They had a light leak with the XT1 so it may be that they’re doing a double check. But this could be related to an amp glow.

    • I’m really not sure, but optyczne.pl’s results on the newer 1.0 FW show an improvement so maybe they tried to address it via FW. I’m not too concerned about the issue for my own purchase, but it’s news worthy and I am glad Fuji is trying to address it even if the usage is a bit extreme.

      • nwcs

        It reminds me of the issue with the Nikon D810 when it came out. It had a similar looking effect and they fixed it with a firmware update. So maybe it just took a while to find the right algorithm. In both cases it was for long exposures.

    • Mike Gordon

      They learn like Nikon!

      • Focuspuller

        Actually, Nikon would have released first, then fixed maybe later. Way later.