The X-Pro 2 is Now In Stock!


Amazon,  B&H PhotoAdorama have all started shipping cameras.

If you order from B&H Photo you can add the XF 35 F2 and save $100 by clicking on ESSENTIAL KITS. I highly recommend this lens. It is one of my favorites at the moment.

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  • nwcs

    I really wouldn’t mind having one but the price premium is still quite high. I used to have a lot of Fuji stuff but most don’t fit my needs now but I still think about getting something. Wish they would drop the price on the X100T since it’s getting long in the tooth now.

    • Get a X100S

      • nwcs

        Those are still a bit high, too. I looked at B&H for the current prices. Saw an original X100 for like $569. I’m also still surprised that Fuji decided to not update the X100s firmware to seemingly maintain the distinction with the X100t.

        • I bought a X100S when the X100T came out for around $600. I felt it was a great value at the time. I have since sold it to help pay for my Leica Q purchase, but I think the S is a better deal than the T.

  • WMK

    I had a preorder with B&H and I put it in quite early but got snubbed for whatever reason yesterday. I saw a Tweet that MPEX had X-Pro2’s in stock. Called at 4pm EST and they full filled the order and overnighted it so I get it today. All for a small UPS fee.
    I talked to B&H about it and no matter their size, the preorders or what, if all the stores get a certain number of cameras, thats all they get too. So if you want something and preorder, consider using smaller suppliers versus the big stores and amazon. You just might get rock star service too. FYI, a friend using his local store had his X-Pro2 Wednesday night but couldn’t say anything to not get his store in trouble. It can pay off to go local too.