Preparing for the Fuji X-Pro 2

X-Pro 2

When the X-Pro 1 launched I bought all the lenses available for the system, but eventually sold all but the Fujinon XF35 1.4 because it gave me the best performance and focal length for street shooting. that time, there wasn’t a catalog of lenses to dig through, but now Fuji has an excellent selection of lenses. For people new to Fuji there really aren’t any bad lenses, but the more recently released lenses focus a bit quicker and are significantly quieter than the original X mount lenses, like the XF35 F1.4XF18 F2, and XF60 F2.4. The original line up of X mount lenses were all excellent, although the XF18 F2 had some optical imperfections that are inherent in pancake lens designs.

Currently I own the Fujinon XF35 F2 R WR and XF18-55 f:2.8-4.0 R LM O.I.S., which are both must own lenses in my opinion for any Fuji shooter. Now, with the introduction of the X-Pro 2, I’m looking to expand my kit again and here are some of the lenses I’m considering adding to my bag.

The Fujinon XF10-24 F4 R O.I.S. has been tempting me for a long time now and I previously almost bought one twice. I generally prefer prime lenses, especially on the wide side, but I have never found myself wanting a large aperture wide angle lens since modern sensors have very good high ISO performance. For me the zoom is a better fit than any of the individual fast wide primes Fuji currently produces. The only bad thing about using this lens on the X-Pro 2 is having to use the EVF, because I love the hybrid optical view finder.

16-55 Lens

I’m also tempted to upgrade my XF18-55 to the Fujinon XF16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR because I like the peace of mind that weather resistant rated gear gives me. I once spent an hour walking back to my hotel room shielding a press demo Leica Q from rain with my body because the camera is not weather sealed, and I didn’t want to see if Leica would bill me for the camera if it broke. The constant F2.8 aperture is a nice feature to have but, for me, the weather resistant rating is the killer feature on this lens. A zooming rangefinder like camera presents interesting possibilities.

Beyond my needs, lenses that have interested me for a while now that I hope to test, which might make me want to own them, include the Fujinon XF56mm F1.2 R and XF90 F2 R LM WR. These will likely be popular options for the X-Pro 2, but they are a little on the long side for my daily use; so I probably won’t buy them unless they really blow me away when I review them.

In the future, the lens that I am probably looking forward to the most is the rumored XF30mm F1. This lens and focal length will be amazing on the X-Pro 2. I am really looking forward to some truly fast autofocus glass on a rangefinder style camera. I greatly enjoyed my time with a Leica Noctilux a few years ago, but $10k is entirely too much money for me to have tied up in a lens.

Let me know in the comments what your plans are for the X-Pro 2. It will help me prioritize future lens reviews for the site. I have already put in a request with B&H for a 100-400mm with teleconverter for review based on an earlier comment on the site, so if there is any specific combination you would like to see me cover let me know. I’ll have both the X-Pro 2 and X-T1 bodies for a little while, but I’ll likely sell my X-T1 body soon to invest in more glass.

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  • Well, I’ll be shooting mainly with the 14/2.8, 35/1.4, and 90/2. Sometimes, when the situation calls for it, the 23/1.4. If I had to pick just one of those primes, it would be a tough call between the 35/1.4 and 23/1.4.

    Besides that, I should be receiving my 100-400 soon along with TC. Obviously that will not be used with the OVF. I also use the 18-135 for certain situations and for full coverage when I’m doing certain types of landscape shooting, or just don’t know what I’ll be doing. Also it will be great for video in decent light, something the X-Pro2 will make not entirely futile like all the previous X cameras.

    But honestly, my plan for the X-Pro2 is to sell it when the X-T2 comes!

    Edit: Oh, also, I just picked up the Rokinon 8mm fisheye (II version) which is an old time favorite of mine. Definitely not going to be shooting that with the OVF!

    • I’m curious what this generation will bring. I think the X-T and X-Pro will relieve more differentiation from the X-E on down. Personally I prefer the X-Pro, but if they put a EVF the size of the Leica SL EVF on the new X-T I might have to own one in addition to my X-Pro 2.

      • The Leica SL viewfinder is only 0.03 greater magnification than the current X-T1. You couldn’t possibly see the difference without making an extreme effort about it.

        Anyway, I have predictions about the X-T2, but, they are based on Fuji’s behaviors thus far alongside the market forces driving camera sales and competition, not some secret source. Most interesting predictions:

        – Larger, not huge, but, noticeably larger to look more professional and be a better balance for larger, longer lenses (think 16-55, 50-140, 100-400, 200 f/2, 120mm macro, etc.) also a larger grip. It will look more like a DSLR than before, but, still lower profile probably to keep the brand expectations.
        – Much more power, fully enabled X Processor Pro, faster AF, more AF points than X Pro 2, otherwise same sensor. The reason X-Pro2 is not running at maximum capability is power costs, therefore…
        – New larger battery offering significantly more power (and of course, more weight)
        – I’ma bout 50/50 right now on IBIS. The 90mm f/2 lacking IBIS hints at a long term expectation that the camera most likely to eventually be in demand behind this lens will have IBIS.

        Basically, the theme is, Fuji wants to offer a full range of photography options to a full range of photography customers which includes actual real life pros, not 55 year old “street photographers” with nostalgia burning a hole in their pocket. X-T2 will be aggressively targeting sideline sports photographers, wildlife photographers, fashion photographers, etc. People who have meaningful demands on their gear and can’t fully switch to Fuji yet due to some of the more niche options not being there.

        I think this might put the X-T2 a little bit out of the range of most amateurs though. I’m hoping that the X-T10’s successor helps compensate for it with corresponding upgrades minus the size and cost.

        Anyway, like I said, that’s just my predictions based on a number of factors not including any inside info and could all be wrong. But, that said, I’ve been right on a bunch of my predictions so far, (like predicting the 100-400 years early, as well as the rumored 200/2) and some of my basis does come from Fuji’s own commentary in interviews.

        I hope at the very least we get a bigger battery and the full X Processor Pro capabilities switched on.

        • Pelex

          I agree. The minimal amount of magnification the Leica SL viewfinder would bring wouldn’t justify the price increase in a X-T2. We’ll probably get the current X-T1 EVF with the refresh rate (85fps?) found in the X Pro 2. I agree with your thoughts on the bigger body as well. My X-T1 feels a little fiddly sometimes. I purchased the larger grip which helped the balance with the 55-200 considerably.
          I’m still on the fence about the X Pro 2. If I knew a larger XT-2 in Graphite would arrive around late June…I might just wait it out.

          • Jlouis Carli

            Yep, but guys, have you put an eye in a SL viewfinder…? other league ! The same on a XT2 and I seriously will consider it to go with the XPro2..

          • People just don’t understand how different the SL viewfinder is by reading the specs. They have to experience it first…

  • nwcs

    I had the 18-55 f2.8. It’s a good lens but when paired on a X-T1 it was just too big and unbalanced. Maybe if I had the grip it would have helped but I ended up not liking the ergonomics.

    • The X-T1 is currently the biggest body Fuji has avalible

  • WMK

    I bought the X-Pro1 very soon after it came out. Bought it with the 18-55. I added the 60mm and the 35mm in short order. Eventually the 55-200. I sold my 14/2.8, 60/2.4 and 18-55 over time. I also own and still have my X100 and X100T. I’m primarily a Nikon user (NPS) and for work Nikon gets the call most of the time. I need it for studio work where shooting tethered matters. If I could have one wish it would be that Capture One support the X series with tethering. Fuji’s attempt is garbage. I pre-ordered the X-Pro2 and plan to just use it with my current lineup – X-T1/grip and X-Pro1 plus the 16-55/2.8, 35/1.4, 23/ 1.4, 56/1.2, 50-140/ 2.8 and 10-24/4 and I still have the 55-200 (its so sharp!) which will probably be sold. I’m pondering the 16/1.4 but might go Nikon 24/1.8 full frame since I need it for work. I have a 14-24 but could use the prime. My 100-400 and TC arrive next Tuesday. I sold a lot of my Nikon longer glass and bodies like my D4s since I plan to transition more to Fuji for work when out of the studio. I plan to only have the Fuji 100-400 for long work. Right now i agree that the lenses from Fuji rank with some of the best you can get. i guess there are sharper out there but my customers can’t tell the difference and I love the way they render a scene. If the X-Pro2 is all it specs out to be, AND Fuji delivers on the system flash with HSS/TTL in May I may use the Fuji more for work. Right now, I need tethering and full flash support. I’m ok with glass. Once i decide on the 16 or 24 FF, I’ll be set. I just need the other support mentioned to go 100% Fuji. I use the Fuji’s in manual in house with my Profoto’s and the leaf shutter in the X100 series rocks. But I need HSS and that will probably be done via TTL like rear curtain support. I need all that more than more glass. For now.

  • dclivejazz

    I have found the 16mm 1.4 to be wonderful. After starting out with the 35mm 1.4, which I also like, for my X-T1, I was originally thinking I’d add the 16-55 because it is most similar to what I normally mate to my D800e/D810, the 24-70 2.8. I may still get that someday. But for now I’m opting to stick with primes for the Fuji. The bulk of the Fuji zooms would make the gear more similar to my Nikon stuff and not really be necessary.

    To my surprise, the amazing detail of the Fuji 16 1.4 on a 16 mp crop camera compared to the 24mm end of my Nikon 24-70 on a D810 makes me strongly consider moving more to primes with the Nikon setup too, except it would be much more unwieldy to lug around.

  • Steve Solomon

    Greetings Louis!
    As an XT-1 user currently evaluating the X-Pro2, I can state that the following lenses are truly stellar on the XT-1, so I would expect even better performance on the X-Pro2, at the very least in terms of sharpness and detail rendition: XF16-55, XF35 f/2, XF60 Macro, XF90, and XF55-200. I have also used a manual Rokinon 8mm Fish-Eye on the XT-1, with good results as well. But I just wanted to make special mention of the XF16-55, since you had inquired about it. I find that lens to be virtually as sharp as any prime in its’ range, not to mention extremely fast, silent, and accurate AF. I look forward to reading your upcoming reviews! Thank you.