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cropped-FujiAddict-logo.pngHello; my name is Louis and I have a problem. I’m a Fuji Addict. You might be familiar with my writing from Leicarumors or my photos on 500px but, like many other M shooters, I have been drawn to the Fuji camera system for some time and I just can’t quit Fuji no matter how many times I try. So, why continue to fight the urge?

Over the years I have owned many cameras to shoot along side my M but, when Fuji released the X100, my expectations of what a camera could/should be changed. It wasn’t a perfect camera, but Fuji did something novel, they addressed their customers’ concerns by aggressively updating their camera firmware. This caused me to rebuy the original x100 three times, and later the 100S twice. I also owned the original X-Pro 1, the only camera I have ever shot with more than my M, the XE1, XE2, or XT1.

Shooting with Leica is expensive, so I try not to keep more equipment than I need. I also try to always have a feel for what’s available, so I have a good idea of how cameras compare. To date, Fuji is the only company to give me joy similar to shooting my M, but with the added convenience of autofocus and good metering. Every Fuji body and lens I have owned have personality, and with the announcement of the X-Pro 2 it has once again become impossible for me to stay away from investing time and money in Fuji cameras.

Since I’m going to be spending a lot of time shooting Fuji over the coming year and I have gotten into blogging I decided this site is a good project for me and I hope it becomes a useful tool for Fuji addicts like myself. My goal is to post daily updates, reviews, comparisons and have posts from other photographers on the blog covering a variety of topics.

If you have any news to report or wish to advertise on the blog I can be reached here. Thank you for your support and I hope you find this site a great resource for all things Fuji.

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  • dickgrafixstop

    The new Fuji long telephoto has re-kindled my interest in the X cameras. I tried an early X Pro 1, but one of my favorite targets when shooting is sports and the X Pro 1 was just too slow. That was several years ago, and I had gotten rid of my Fuji gear before several of the firmware updates. Question is, has Fuji improved the cameras to where one could actively shoot high speed sports (hockey, auto racing, soccer, football) or should I just keep hoping?

    • I loved my X-Pro 1, but they never perfected the camera. From what I understand the X-T1 is pretty good in a sports type setting, but I have never tested it in one. It’s certainly fast enough to track my kids under good lighting conditions, but I generally shoot a rangefinder with them. I’m not sure the X-Pro 2 will be right for you, the X-T2 will most likely be a better fit.

      I should receive my X-Pro 2 fairly early, so if there is something in particular you would like me to test with it let me know and I will try to get a test lens shipped along side the camera body.

  • dclivejazz

    Hi Louis, I look forward to following your blog. I recently added some Fuji gear as a more compact 2nd system to augment my Nikon gear and I have been very impressed with it so far.

    • Thanks. I too got into Fuji as a second system camera, but I also tried Sony, Panasonic, Nikon along the way. The hybrid view finder and high quality glass were big draws for me.