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WORLD’S FASTEST 75MM LENS: THE NEW NOCTURNUS 75 F0.95 Pre-Sale Started: Save 40% Until May 26th

Meyer-Optik Goerlitz Nocturnus 0.95/75mm – pre-sale started and first images published Today Meyer Optik has started the pre-sale of the Nocturnus 75 mm f0.95, which is launched as part of its “master of light series”. The lens, which is probably the fastest 75 mm in the world, is now available in a limited pre-sale on […]

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Meyer Optik Nocturnus 75mm f/0.95 Announced

Nocturnus 0.95/75 mm becomes world’s fastest 75mm lens with 15 aperture blades Meyer-Optik-Görlitz Nocturnus 0.95/75mm continues the creation of the “master of light series” and the legacy of the fastest 75mm lens in the world Available for Leica M, Sony and Fuji X Again Meyer optic reaches for the next big step. But this time […]

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Dr. Rudolph’s APO Plasmat Lens 105mm f2.7 Returns

Meyer Optik is launching another lens via kick starters the Plasmat Lens 105mm f2.7 that will be available for X-Mount and G-Mount. We previously mentioned this lens coming here. When Dr. Paul Rudolph designed the Makroplasmat he was aiming at the highest or better to say perfect stage of chromatic correction. The result was a lens that […]

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New Meyer Optik APO Makro 105mm f/2.7 Lens Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Meyer Optik will soon start a Kickstarter funding campaign for another retro lens remake: APO Makro 105mm f/2.7. The price is expected to be $2,999 but you can expect discounts for the first orders. Shipping is scheduled for May 1, 2019. Here are the technical specifications: Focal length: 105mm Aperture: f2.7-f22 Mounts: Fuji G , Hasselblad […]

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Meyer Optik P75 II Will Get GFX Mount If 25 Indiegogo Supporters Ask For It

The Meyer Optik P75 II might be produced in G-mount if 25 backers ask for it via the Indiegogo since the lens can create a big enough image circle. Meyer Optik makes some really unique glass and this could be a very interesting lens on the GFX, but if you’re not a GFX shooter it’s also avalible […]

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Meyer-Optik Announced A New Trimagon 95mm f2.6 portrait lens

Meyer-Optik announced a new Trimagon f2.6/95 portrait lens. Here are the main specs: Light intensity & focal length: f2.6-22; 95mm Optical design: 3 elements in 3 assembly units Angle of view: 25° Filter diameter: 52mm Optical assembly as a classic triplet | 3 lenses/3 units Iris diaphragm with 15 specially calculated steel aperture blades with special […]

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