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ON1 2020 With Improved Processing of Fujifilm Raw Files

ON1 2020 is available today with improvements just for Fujifilm Photographers. ON1 Photo RAW 2020 – Photography Your Way – Now Available. New AI Features, New Filters, SmugMug Sharing, X-Rite Integration, Improved Processing on Fujifilm Raw Files, and Much More! Part of the all-new ON1 ecosystem for photographers. Portland, OR – October 17, 2019 — […]

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ON1 Photo RAW 2020: Finally A Full Featured Lightroom Replacement That Respects You

ON1 has been chasing Lightroom for a few years now, but the upcoming 2020 release will be the first to match Adobe’s cloud services without forcing you to use one cloud storage platform. In fact, they have a syncing feature that does not require a cloud provider at all if you like, which is great, […]

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More Adobe Enhanced Coverage From an X-Photographer

I posted some of the first X-Trans files with enhanced details on the day Lightroom 8.2 was launched and many agreed that you really can not tell the difference. Above Sean McCormack gives another take on Lightroom’s new enhanced detail feature and talks a little about the demosaicing. In the video, you really can’t tell how […]

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RAW Power 2.0 Now Available

RAW Power 2.0 is here developed by Nik Bhatt, the former Senior engineer in charge of the photo apps group at Apple while Aperture was in development. RAW Power comes for OSX and iOS and works through the photo’s library on iCloud so everything syncs similar to Lightroom. It’s also on sale for a limited time so don’t miss out […]

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Additional Capture One 11 Tutorials and More

Since Phase One added Fujifilm support to Capture One 11 a lot of Fujifilm photographers have decided to give it a try. We covered some of the first tutorials here, but there have been some more since. It’s nice to see how much more detail an application like Capture One can retain compared to Lightroom when sharpening, […]

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Luminar 3 With Libraries Coming December 18th

With the release of ON1 2019 the other day there are now details about Luminar 3 coming with libraries December 18th. This will be a free update for Luminar 2018 owners so no need to purchase an update, but if you haven’t purchased Luminar 2018 yet you can use our discount code FUJIADDICT too purchase a new copy […]

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