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Fujifilm X-A3 Delayed

  The Fujifilm X-A3 is delated until November 10th 2016. It looks like they had some quality control issues producing the camera that are pushing back it’s release. Translated release below. Customers Dear Dear Thank you thick continued patronage Fujifilm product. Recently, had been guided 2016 October 6 (Thursday) Release, the mirror-less digital camera “FUJIFILM […]

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Fujinon XF50 f2 Announced in Fujifilm X-A3 Promo

Fuji Guy videos generally rehash a lot of what we already know, but sometimes they drop new detail for us like that there will be a Fujinon XF 50 f2 that will complete a trio of lenses along side the Fujinon XF 23 and XF 35 f2 lenses, which will now be called the designer series. The […]

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Fuji Looks Forward

The future of the X series looks bright and Fuji is speaking very frankly about the direction they are taking in their latest interview with DSLR magazine. Fuji is definitely feeling the pressure to release the XT-2 in some markets, but in their home market of Asia there is more pressure for them to update […]

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