FujiGuys: Fujifilm X-T5 How-To

The FujiGuys released another useful how- to guide about how to use your new Fujifilm X-T5. I have reproduced it below or you can watch the video above:

  • Fujifilm X-T5 How-To
    • Changing Exposure
      • Fujifilm uses traditional exposure triangle controls
      • Shutter is on the top right and can be selected and locked/unlocked
      • ISO dial is on the top left and can be selected and locked/unlocked
      • Aperture is the ring around the lens, and you can select an aperture using it or by putting it in A mode and letting the camera take control or using the front/rear dial on the right to adjust the aperture
      • There is an exposure compensation dial on the top far right that can do +/-3 stops or be set to C to go beyond 3 stops with the command dial.
      • If you want to use the camera in a DSLR style way, then put the shutter dial on T, and the lens on A, then go to settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – aperture ring setting A to set it from auto to command to make the front command dial control the aperture.
      • You can swap the front and rear command dials by going to settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – command dial setting and choose the front and rear dial and set them to what you prefer
      • The front command dial can be used to perform 3 functions by pressing it in to pick which function you want
    • AF Options
      • 425 AF points to choose from
      • Single point AF you can select 117 or 425 AF points that can be navigated by the joystick while using the rear or front command dial to change the AF box size
      • To pick how many AF points you want, go to settings – AF/MF – Number of focus points and pick
      • There are 4 AF modes Single point, zone, wide/tracking, ALL
      • If grow the AF box it will go from single to multipoint to zones
      • To enable face and eye detection, go into settings – AF/MF – Face/eye detection settings and pick which mode you prefer
      • There are also subject detection settings right under the face/eye detection that can be turned on to track animals, birder, automobile, motorcycles, airplanes, and trains.
    • Back Button Focusing
      • Just use the AF/On button on the back, and to disable the shutter button, you go into settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – shutter AF and turn AF-S/AF-C to off, and the same can be done with shutter auto exposure right under shutter AF.
    • Q Menu Customization
      • To add or remove options from the quick menus settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – edit/save quick menu for photo and video to pick how many slots 4-16 that you want to have
      • You can also make the menu Q transparent by going to settings – wrench icon – screen setup – Q menu background for photo and/or video – pick transparent or black for the background.
      • The way you edit items on the Q menu is via a long press on the Q button and then select the box and pick what item you want to have in the box using the OK button.
    • Touch Screen Options
      • There is an icon on the right that controls the touchscreen’s functionality that can be set for touch to shoot, touch to focus, touch to move the AF box, and touch to lock on
      • When you’re looking through the VF you can move the AF box with the joystick or the touch screen.
      •  To set what part of the touch screen can be used while looking through the VF to move the focus box, you go to settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – touch screen settings – EVF touch screen area settings to pick which area will be touch sensitive while looking through the VF
      • You can also turn off the touch screen under settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – touch screen settings – touch screen settings
      • There is a double tap setting, too, under settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – touch screen settings along with touch to zoom
      • There is also a touch function ability under settings – wrench icon – button/dial settings – touch screen settings that lets you swipe the touch screen to get more controls.
      • There is pinch to zoom during play back
    • Bracketing Options
      • Fujifilm has a lot of bracketing settings that can be accessed by the switch on the left dial under the ISO.
      • To choose your bracketing mode, go settings – shooting menu – drive setting – bracketing setting – bkt select and pick AE BKT, ISO BKT, Film Simulation BKT, White Balance BKT, Dynamic Range BKT, Focus BKT, and then you can further customize
      • By details, if your are in the bracketing mode, the function button on the front of the camera will let you customize the bracketing mode
    • Setting up Geotagging
      • To do this, you have to pair your phone with the camera using the app for your phone
      • To make sure it syncs right, go to settings – wrench icon – networking – Bluetooth/Smartphone settings – smart phone location sync and turn it on and make sure you have Bluetooth on as well, which will allow them to connect automatically to sync time and location data.

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