Henry’s Live With Billy The Fuji Guy: Youtube, Live Streaming, X-T200, X-T4, X-T3, and More

Billy the Fuji Guy was on Henry’s live recently. Below is a summary of his 42min interview if you want to save some time:

  • Top two lenses Fujinon XF35mm f/1.4 because it has great bokeh and Fujinon XF56mm f/1.2
  • Billy has been working from home for Fujifilm for 5 years so he’s been set up for it for a while and both are using Fujifilm cameras for the stream
  • The advantage of using an actual Fujifilm camera for a live stream is that it looks nothing like a webcam
  • You should use a 4k camera for Youtube to give you more latitude in editing
  • 4k quality can vary drastically and you have to deal with crop factor etc…
  • X-T200 is a perfect camera to start a youtube channel because it does 4k without crop
  • X-T4/X-T3 gives you 10-bit video which is significant for post-production
  • 8-bit gives you 16 million colors, but 16-bit gives you about a billion colors which make a huge difference in gradients like in the sky
  • 24fps looks great but not good for panning without a track
  • Should use a shutter speed that’s the inverse of your frame rate so like 1/48th or 1/60th
  • Film simulations make getting good color easier
  • Billy is using an X-T3 for the live stream
  • You should fix your white balance when filming
  • Face and eye detection in video make a big difference and make filming easier
  • If you don’t have Face/Eye detect then you should fix your focal point
  • You can use a kit lens just fine for video, but you might want to get an appropriate prime lens for a more professional look
  • B-roll footage also looks better with prime lenses
  • You can customize focus acquisition speed when recording, but not when using it as a webcam, but Fujifilm might give people that control when using the camera as a webcam because billy asked them too
  • Rolling shutter is another thing to take into consideration
  • You shouldn’t use the internal mic if you can so you might want to pick up a shotgun mic
  • HDMI out to HDMI in on a video capture card to use it as a webcam and make sure you turn off all the menus displayed
  • Clean audio is the most important part of videos on YouTube
  • Lavalier mic is an even better option for recording audio
  • Lighting is also important, but you can always use the sun if you do not want to blackout a room to control the lighting
  • You can just put tissue paper over a light if you do not have a budget for it
  • Keylight is your most important and you should start off with it until you’re happy and then you can add accent lights and a key light behind you to create depth
  • Diffusion is key, but as you add diffusion your light will get cooler in temperature
  • You can do a lot to fix light in camera, but best to balance your lighting out in advance
  • Things like green screens can be useful to start, but they can also be really bad if they aren’t properly lit
  • If you’re in an empty room you need to worry about dampening the sound in the room so you might want to get some foam pads to put on the wall
  • If you’re looking to live stream there is a lot of software out there and some of the capture cards come with the software you will need to stream your footage instantly
  • Elgato Cam Link is a good option
  • OBS Great is good for software to use
  • Wirecast will let you go further, but it is not free
  • iMovie is also very good for editing footage and then you can move to final cut express/final cut if you want
  • Windows movie maker also isn’t bad and then you can move to Adobe Premiere
  • If you’re starting a Youtube channel start slow
  • HDMI output is clean and there are no recording limits so your computer is the limitation of your record time when capturing to the computer
  • Front flipping screen makes it easier to frame and make sure you’re in focus, but if your camera doesn’t have that should have a recording light

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