Fujifilm GFX100 Round Up: 3 Days Till Shipment, Reviews, Sample Video, and More

It’s time to catch up with more GFX100 coverage. Below you will find excerpts from the video located above:

  • Feels like a GFX50S with a handgrip
  • Likes the ergonomics
  • Ultimate landscape setup that goes well beyond landscape
  • Love the tiltable EVF
  • Stunning/Amazin image quality that is almost too sharp for people
  • Fast fall off with the 110mm f/2 that might need f/4-5.6 to get both eyes in focus
  • Found it difficult to get the eyes in perfect focus at f/2, but much better at f/4
  • The RAW images are absolutely beautiful
  • Amazing dynamic range and was able to recover highlights at -5 EV but by +2EV the highlights were not recoverable and +3EV had a color shift so don’t overexpose
  • Not a bad street camera if shooting in a challenging situation
  • Grain starts to build by ISO400 and you really see it by ISO1600
  • Wouldn’t shoot 6400 ISO if he can help it
  • Recommends max 1600 ISO for stills and 3200 ISO for video
  • AF for still wasn’t as impressive as he would like
  • AF for the video was impressive and matches the best cameras out there
  • IBIS was very impressive for video
  • Love the 110mm f/2, but f/2 is too shallow
  • 32-64mm is great as a walk around lens

Excerpts from the above video:

  • You would expect to need a tripod with this kind of sensor and resolution, but the IBIS works great and lets you hand hold without a problem
  • Handles like an X-T3
  • Had no problem shooting in natural light
  • You can use this camera anywhere
  • The eye AF is very good
  • Was expecting slower AF, but it was very DSLR like
  • Great that it’s weather sealed
  • Decided to shoot JPEG since RAW isn’t fully supported when he had the camera
  • The ability to shoot high speed at 5fps on a medium format camera is nuts
  • The viewfinder is amazing
  • The grip feels good, but he doesn’t like straps
  • The lens is big and great for big hands
  • The camera feels secure in hands
  • Loves the top LCD
  • Lots of really nice touches
  • Great value for the money
  • Lots of worlds first and a growing lens selection
  • Great color accuracy
  • Another level of detail
  • Do you need 100MP
  • Can even see raindrops on glasses
  • It’s a whole nother world working with this kind of resolution
  • Good results with ISO 5,000 handheld at f/4
  • Brilliant ISO performance
  • Extremely good value

Excerpts from the above video:

  • A brand new device with a lot of exciting new features
  • Think it’s more accurate to call it medium format then large format
  • The dual gain design gives it good ISO performance
  • 5fps for 14 frames and 2fps for 20 frames
  • The smooth skin effect was developed for GFX100
  • Aimed at commercial shooters
  • The resolution is great for crops of all type
  • The IBIS lets you get great sharp handheld shots when other devices wouldn’t be able to get a sharp image
  •  The GFX50S didn’t have great AF but the GFX100 does
  • Very unique and impressive video performance
  • Fujifilm’s first camera with a built-in grip allowing for 800 shots
  • The grip not being textured has a bit less grip
  • Comparable to professional DSLR cameras weight wise and ruggedness wise
  • the extra displays let you keep the rear LCD clear
  • The new controls might take time to get used to
  • The new EVF is fantastic
  • Two UHS-II compatible spots, but would like XQD or CFast
  • A very flexible camera that might really appeal to you

Excerpts from the above video:

  • Not a big gear head, but the GFX100 is very special and can change how we tell stories
  • They were given demo cameras to do a video and fell in love so decided to review it
  • The huge sensor is a big step up over m43 and GH5
  • The larger sensor will let you get much higher image quality
  • There are engineering challenges like having to use a higher f-stop
  • The above video was all shot 100% handheld which is shocking for a sensor this size
  • The difference from 8-bit video to 10-bit is huge and allows for more post-processing and better color gradients
  • Great in camera video and/or f-log
  • Easy to create how a color felt in camera
  • 16 film simulations
  • You can do film simulation in camera and f-log to an external recorder at the same time
  • The rear screen is very bright with a high contrast ratio
  • Exposure is hard to figure out with f-log
  • The dual batteries last a long time for video
  • Little more cumbersome for them to use than a red when changing settings quickly
  • Would love the false color on the built-in monitor to double check exposure
  • Can use histograms and zebras for exposure
  • AF is improved for video and is very usable
  • Takes big lenses
  • Their favorite lenses are 63mm, 32-64mm, and 120mm Macro
  • Manual focus is very usable
  • Usable for professional projects
  • Should nail exposure when shooting in high ISO and you really have to nail it with film simulation
  • The sweet spot for exposure seems to be about one stop over
  • Great at holding highlights
  • Very impressed with the image quality for such a large sensor in a compact body
  • He will definitely be using it in the future

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