Adobe Enhanced Mode Tested With X-Trans and GFX Bayer

Enhanced by Louis Ferreira on
I created a gallery of images on 500px to compare adobe’s new enhanced AI results and I have to say I am not overly impressed with the improvements. With the GFX the changes are almost imperceivable and the final JPG files size can actually shrink a little in my testing. GFX files also take around 20 seconds to process on my computer. With X-Trans files you can see slight changes that I doubt will make a difference in even the largest of prints, but the final JPG generally increase ever so slightly in size and the processing takes about 5 seconds to complete.

Adobe’s new tool doesn’t seem to change how RAW files are interpreted as much as it changes how they are sharpened, but I will do some additional testing soon to try to find out. I also noticed a slight change in some colors, but they were not as noticeable in the final exports. Check my 500px for full resolution photos and 100% crops. I will also include a few below in this post for those that do not click through.

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Long Exposure GFX by Louis Ferreira on

Long Exposure GFX Enhanced by Louis Ferreira on

Feather JPG by Louis Ferreira on

Feather JPG Enhanced by Louis Ferreira on

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