Fujifilm X-H1 Spotted in FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO Ver.1.0 Files

Nokishita spotted the Fujifilm X-H1 in the ConversionCaps.XML file, which can be found by showing the package content of the application. There is a bit more info in the file, but nothing of use at the moment.

“FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO \ FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO.app \ Contents \ Resources \ ConversionCaps.xml” Line 5: X – H 1 Config 1

“FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO \ .Trashes \ 501 \ FUJIFILM X Acquire.app \ Contents \ Resources \ X-H1API.bundle \ Contents \ MacOS \ X-H1 API”

Number of recorded pixels: 3008 × 2000 3008 × 1688 2000 × 2000 4240 × 2832 4240 × 2384 2832 × 2832 6000 × 4000 6000 × 3376 4000 × 4000


<PropertyGroup Config=”X-H1Config1″ >
<ImageSize type=”Std1″>true</ImageSize> <!– [type] is Std1 or Ext1 –>
<ImageQuality type=”Std1″>true</ImageQuality> <!– [type] is Std1 or Ext1 –>
<FilmSimulation type=”Std2″>true</FilmSimulation> <!– [type] is Std1 or Std2 –>
<WhiteBalance type=”Std1″>true</WhiteBalance> <!– [type] is Std1 only –>
<WBColorTemp type=”Std1″>true</WBColorTemp> <!– [type] is Std1 only –>

X Acquire also has some info hidden inside too according to Nokishita, but I was unable to find the file they mention and they didn’t provide a screenshot of the code they came accross. I’d be currious what makes the .Trashes/501/ folder show up in their Fujifilm X RAW Studio Folder. I am sure someone will reproduce this and yes I have my OS setup to show me hidden files.

“FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO \ .Trashes \ 501 \ FUJIFILM X Acquire.app \ Contents \ Resources \ X-H1API.bundle \ Contents \ MacOS \ X-H1 API”
Number of recorded pixels: 3008 × 2000 3008 × 1688 2000 × 2000 4240 × 2832 4240 × 2384 2832 × 2832 6000 × 4000 6000 × 3376 4000 × 4000

In other files, the settings such as the number of pixels of “X – H1” (24 million pixels) and the shutter speed (maximum speed of 1/32000) etc are described, but the XML file containing the compatible device is the easiest to read I think. Details are unknown, but it seems that there is no doubt that “X – H1” is under development.

It certainly will be interesting to see what this camera ends up being when it launches. It will most certainly have RAW photo capabilities that justify X Acquire and RAW Studio Support, but will it have the video capabilities that I suspect are coming to compete with Sony and go along with the launch of the Fujinon MK lenses for X-Mount? The products and segmentation seem to be lining up nicely, but only time will tell if I am right about the limitations that Fujifilm made clear to all of us and IBIS being of very limited use in future Fujifilm cameras. It’s seeming more and more like the X-T2S was simply smoke and mirrors, but there are still a few cameras sitting out there for Fujifilm to announce and maybe some more details will turn up from these recently released programs.

Maybe H stands for Hybrid…

Via Nokishita, Photorumors


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