Zhongyi Mitakon Lens Turbo II N / G-FX Focal Reducer Adapter Available!

Lens Turbo II N / G-FX
Manufacturer’s preferred price ¥ 21,000 yen (Excluding tax)

Focal reducer lens mounted adapter that mounts Nikon F mount lens on Fujifilm X mount camera
Lens Turbo (Lens turbo 2) II N / G-FX of middle optics (ZHONG YI OPTICS) will be on sale. With the high-quality reducer lens equipped with a mount adapter, it is possible to shoot with a focal length of 0.726 times. The focal reducer lens of the Lens Turbo II is designed to be optimized for the APS – C size image sensor of the Fujifilm X mount series, and the deterioration of the image quality in the periphery is less than that of the original Lens Turbo. When attached to the APS – C size sensor camera, it is structured to be able to shoot with the original angle of view <full size>. Also, since the reducer lens has high light condensing efficiency, the F value gets brighter by one step.

Reference value
When used for a 50 mm lens: 50 mm × 1.5 (APS – C focus magnification) × 0.726 (Lens Turbo focus magnification) = 55 mm Corresponding to angle of view
When used for a 35 mm lens: 35 mm × 1.5 (APS – C focal magnification) × 0.726 (Lens Turbo focal magnification) = 38 mm equivalent to the angle of view

● Wearable lens
Nikon F mount lens * It corresponds also to lens of G series.

● Supported models
Mirror-less camera of Fuji film X mount

● External dimensions / mass
Diameter 63 mm / total length 32 mm / about 165 g

Available from B&H PhotoAdorama


Via stkb.co.jp

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  • ZZ

    As a Nikon shooter … one more reason to consider Fuji over micro 4/3 … when the time comes …

    • RC Jenkins

      One already exists for micro four thirds (and Fuji).

      Look up metabones ‘Speedbooster’. 🙂

    • BdV

      Time has come for plenty of reasons to consider either one.

    • Ben Jaminn

      Be careful, apparently a whole bunch of Nikkor lenses are not compatible. I only found out after I ordered it.
      Might have to go metabones

  • Envision Images

    Wow, it defies the laws of physics, apparently it gets brighter by 1 stop….. looks like they deal in TRUMPed up facts

    • yitzchak

      Barry Soetoro approves of your message…

    • kbb

      The laws of physics dictate that a given luminous flux from an image forming lens, when concentrated down from the lens’ intended FX coverage to APSC, gets right about one stop brighter.

      • TwoStrayCats

        Exactly. its the same principle as frying ants with a magnifying glass.

    • sefopo

      Oh god – back to school, ‘Envision Images’. Pronto. Subito.

    • dooma flatchie

      + Envision Images

      Typical idiot – it’s obvious that your mouth runs a lot faster than your brain.

      • Envision Images

        ‘Typical idiot’ interesting retort to quite an innocent comment. Perhaps I’m wrong, and perhaps I rushed my comment. However a polite correction of my assumption, which I suspect when the reviews are out may not be that wrong would have been more appropriate than a personal insult.

        • dooma flatchie

          I’m sorry “looks like they deal in TRUMPed up facts”. I could spend a lifetime correcting rubes like you and wouldn’t even scratch the surface of stupidity that’s running ranpid on the web.

    • If you are going to invoke physics, you might want to actually have an understanding of it.

      Your assumption is incorrect. Basic optics is something that would be good to know if you are going to have a go at being a photographer… :/

  • Pat Mann

    Wow, that 50mm f/1.8G is really a monster!

    • ben132401

      reduction in iq? its not a teleconverter, its the opposite. the images will appear sharper with the adapter..

  • Will the focus peaking work?