Fujifilm GFX/X100F/X-T20 Interview With DPReview

DPReview has an interesting interview with Fujifilm about their recent camera announcements and even tease us about the future. Here is my take.

Fujifilm GFX 50S
When asked who the GFX is for Fujifilm included everyone from professionals to amateurs, which is a standard statement for any high end camera released today. However, it’s important to note that they are paying close attention to who is buying and what they are doing with their cameras, which is partially why I created a GFX owners group and page instead of a general fan group. Fujifilm has always valued the opinions of owners and a group where owners can collaborate will be a useful tool going forward. They have some ideas about what to produce beyond the launch lenses, but users will determine if they prioritize wide-angle zooms for landscape or 200/250mm lenses etc… They are definitely actively looking for feedback from users.

The GFX is about image quality first, but that does not mean that it has slow autofocus. At this time the Fujinon GF63 should be the top autofocus performer because it uses motors similar to the Fujinon XF23 f/2, while the other lenses have linear motors. This could all change in the future with the addition of phase-detection pixels. We will see how the format develops.

If this system does well I am sure we will see at least 2 body types along with 2 price points. Fujifilm is even publicly pondering the possibilities “The GFX 50S is one style: the ‘S’ means ‘SLR-style.’ Another way to do it would be a rangefinder style camera. Maybe an ‘R’ could be a rangefinder: we’re always considering other options and possibilities.’” It would be really interesting if they released a medium format GF670 style camera around the price point of a Sony RX1 with a fixed lens. Fujifilm could release a Fujifilm GFX S and GFX R along side a FX R, with the number associated indicating megapixels. It all depends on the photographers willing to invest in the system.

Fujifilm X100F
When asking about the X100F DPReview circles back to the GFX, but there are some interesting facts discussed. Most X100 buyers are first time Fujifilm owners, while 30% of purchasers perviously owned a X100. Their stats mirror my first venture into Fujifilm cameras, but it was when the X100 was initially released and I have now owned 3 of these great cameras.

Fujifilm X-T20
The X-T20 portion is very on point stating that SLR style cameras are very popular. It’s expected that most X-T20 buyers will be looking for a second body for their X-T2/X-T1. It will also attract people looking for IQ, that is a step above entry level.

Fujifilm X-E(3)
Nothing confirmed, but the system isn’t forgotten.

Fujifilm GFX B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama
Fujifilm X100F B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama
Fujifilm X-T20 B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama

via DPReview

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