Fujifilm GFX 50S vs Nikon D810


images courtesy of DPReview

Wow… Just wow… Fujifilm has done an incredible job miniaturizing medium format. According to DPReview the Fujifilm GFX 50S is a little shorter over all, but I’m sure many of the lenses are going to be bigger than full frame equivalent lenses, even though they put the medium format body on a serious diet. I was genuinely expecting this camera body to be about the size of a D810.


via DPReview

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  • Snugge Dr.

    still bigger than the x1d, so what’s the fuzz all about?

    • Much less expensive and Hasselblad has a high end market to cannibalize that Fujifilm doesn’t have to worry about. Fujifilm could kill the X1D before it even gets started.

      • Snugge Dr.

        oh, i thought we were talking size here and not politics.

        • I haven’t seen any side by sides with a D810 and the X1D have you? Also like I said I expect it to be a little bigger because of them advertising robust build quality. The X-T2 is a little bigger than the X-T1 and the bump in size paid off in the durability department.

          Hasselblads tend to be studio cameras, while Fujifilm cameras are meant to be abused. That being said I should hopefully be getting my hands on a Hasselblad soon to try out, but from what I hear it’s very Sony like.

          I think Fujifilm made this camera to take on the full frame market and not the luxury medium format market so it’s more of a D810/D5 competitor then X1D.

          • Snugge Dr.

            according to the specs it’s smaller.

            i was just reacting to that fact. i know realize this is a fuji forum sooo… I CAN’T WIN! 😉

          • It’s not a win or lose topic… I even stated… “I was genuinely expecting this camera body to be about the size of a D810.” I also didn’t bring up the X1D. I toyed with it after the announcement and will give it a try, but I do not think it will be as usable as the Fuji. It’s a good time to be a fan of photography. I think we can all agree with that… I just wish Canon/Nikon would do something interesting…

          • dclivejazz

            Well, the D810 has been interesting for a while. It’s successor should make a very interesting comparison to this new Fuji “medium format.” I don’t know enough about medium format in general to know if the reduced sensor size of the Fuji is a big deal. I’ll have to wait until it comes out to see if it’ll be worth investing in along with my existing Fuji and Nikon FF gear. On the surface, I question that now.

            I like Fuji fior carrying around every day but still prefer the Nikon for events and other situations where the focus has to be fast and not missing entirely. Or whenever flash might be required.

          • For me digital medium format vs full frame is like full frame vs point and shoot. They have been getting closer at base ISO on a screen, but when you critically look at the image and pixel peep the detail is jaw dropping

          • dclivejazz

            Maybe. Although I think that overstates the quality of medium format a bit, it remains to be seen if the next Fuji version of medium format meets that expectation. The sensor size is not as much greater than full frame as more established digital medium formats. Meanwhile the dynamic range of Nikon (Sony) sensors still greatly exceeds Fuji sensors. We won’t really know how the new Fuji sensor performs til we see it, but a little skepticism is reasonable based on what we know so far.

            Just as I’m often as happy with the IQ of current ASP-C Fuji images as I am with what my Nikon FF can give me, it may turn out I’ll feel the same regarding my FF images versus the new Fuji full frame, with its marginal increase in sensor size over FF.

            We’ll just have to see.

          • Well it’s a slight over statement, but I was shooting the best in both departments and It almost made me drop the price of a car on a Leica S setup before the price came down. It’s soch a difference that I only just went back to look at the pictures today after several years and I still fee the same way. It just stands out.

            Btw Sony makes Fuji’s sensors right now including the medium format one. I feel Fujifilms current APS-C is close enough to full frame at the moment, but neither is close to Medium format. Even from a few years ago. Maybe I’ll do a post about it, but this isn’t a Leica site.

            As for usability AF won’t be blazing fast and high fps wont be there. My guess is that’s AF will be just south of the X-T1 speed wise and we will see 3-4fps. AF-C will be useless… I’d also guess the new Fujifilm flash will work with the camera since it’s clearly in the family picture. I would be shocked if the camera didn’t have full support for the flash at launch. So HSS should be a non issue.

          • HF

            Certainly not. The difference between the Fuji and the D810/A7rii in sensor size is smaller than between FF and APSC (1.25 vs. 1.5 crop factor). To gain the MF advantage, you need lenses shooting at the same F-stop, to make use of the 1.5 times larger sensor area. Given same technology, this will be about half a stop (FF to APSC 1 stop). Since there are not many fast primes and zooms available, you will even be in favour with FF as long as you can shoot your lenses wide open.

          • Snugge Dr.
          • They might be similar in size when you remove the VF from the GFX but the GFX is probably thicker. We will have to wait for some official dimensions.

          • Henri De Vreese

            My hasselblad has been abused for over 40 years and still runs as good as the day it was made. Hasselblads are workhorses, and so were the Fuji’s.