Fujifilm GFX 50S Details From DPReview Hands-on

image courtesy of DPReview

DPReview just went hands on with the Fujifilm GFX 50S and it had been verified that there is no X-Trans sensor in the camera. I think this is a shame, but it probably comes down to processing power. X-Trans requires a lot of processing power to capture and interprite the RAW data at home, which slows down editing. Lets hope that Fujifilm maintains their unique character.

Beyond the sensor the camera is said to be surprisingly light and to handle like the X-T2 so the Fujifilm camera feel has not been lost on the big body. Stay tuned for further coverage and check out DPReviews hands on image gallery and impressions here.

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  • doge

    Time to start selling off body parts.

    • I’m probably selling my M240 for it… I’ll use my lux on my AF Sony A7 setup unless Leica shocks me before this camera launches.

  • Neopulse

    What are the lenses like? Only for 44x33mm sensors or full 645?

    • No adapters have been announced yet… but dumb adapters are a no brainer at launch.

      • Neopulse

        But that’s the thing, will it mean that this Fuji line will be exclusively for 44×33 lenses? And actually Louis, dumb adapters on this will be expected, but the one I fear GREATLY in the market is a smart adapter (more like 100% compatible) is one for Hasselblad lenses. If that were ever to be released, the Fuji brand will dominate the market greatly. The lenses are Fujinon as it is. And I honestly would jump all over that.

        • I fear GREATLY? I’m not sure why you fear that…

          It wouldn’t surprise me if someone made a smart adapter or if Fujifilm made a smart adapter in the future since they make medium format glass. It’s just that third parties really need some access to the secret sauce to make autofocus adapters work well. Sony has some of the best adaptability because of the level of development they allow for on their cameras.

          The only real limitation when adapting glass is the distance between the rear element and the sensor. If an adapter maker can get it just right you can adapt lenses for larger or even smaller sensor/film types, but obviously your image wont cover the whole sensor if the lens is designed for a smaller format. You can see this on Sony E-mount when attaching a APS-C lens to Sony full frame.

          • Neopulse

            That no doubt I agree, but what I mean is that if the current Fuji can be adapted and with AF the 1/800-1/2000th leaf shutter lenses from H-line lenses. Then it’ll be a force to be reckoned with in all sincerity. The H-lenses already do well on their own 40MP CCD and 50c sensors in IQ. So on this it should be ideal. It would create two-tiers for users, Fuji G-Mount glass without LS and Hasselblad with LS at a higher price point. Leica did something similar if you remember with the S-line and the compatible H-lens adapter which some Hasselblad users bought or switched over while keeping their glass when the S was in its infancy. It was a smart move in all seriousness.

          • I think the native Fujifilm glass will be better than the Hasselblad glass on the market. Medium format glass is an interesting topic that I don’t really want to get too deep into at the moment, but from what I understand most of it hasn’t been designed with the same tolerances as full frame/APS-C glass because the format is more forgiving.

            Leica was the first company to come around and design medium format lenses to high tolerances, which is why Leica S shots look so amazing compared to Hasselblad. I would rather see Leica S glass adapter to the Fujifilm GFX at this time. I love the S, but Leica is developing bodies too slowly. The M and S need to be brought up to speed and the new SL really should have been higher MP for the price. Leica makes some amazing stuff, but Fujifilm makes amazing stuff at a very reasonable price.

          • Neopulse

            Very good point. Did not know about the subject term of glass tolerances in making lenses. Need to read into that. But other than that, yeah definitely would love to see Leica glass on it. It’s approximately the same size sensor (33x44mm vs 30x45mm). But one can dream at least, if it comes out, it’ll bring a lot of fun that’s for sure especially the 180mm S lens that I think is fantastic. The SL yeah should have been more, at least 36MP since it was a sensor that already did well in the market and had the ability to take more advantage of the premium glass.

          • I demoed the very first generation S and I still think the photos look better than anything I can produce with my X-T2/X-Pro2/A7M2/Q/M240 with the best glass money can buy.

          • Neopulse

            I agree, I shot with the Typ-006 once (for a couple of hours) and displayed on the big screen rather than LCD and I fell in love with it, although the glass is what helped tremendously. Especially with the CCD and now the price point for it is so good the S-E version. If I had to choose, yeah I’d get the S, but would be nice if they try making a 60MP CCD sensor for it. I think it would be fantastic to take advantage of the glass and affordable price point compared to the competition.

          • I street shot one at night and it did surprisingly well. I was even able to capture some breakdancers in interesting ways on Lincoln. It’s a crazy impressive camera. I hate when people say a camera should only be used for X. IMO the only limitation a camera has is your knowledge of photography.

            I’m also not a fan of processing the hell out of a photo. I only do it when asked or going for a look, but most of what I put up for the site is pretty flat so people understand the starting point. Leica S and most medium format photos do not need to be touched at all unless you’re going for a surreal look… Actually my profile picture was taken with the Leica S2… Not that you can tell 😀

          • Neopulse

            Yeah man can’t tell lol. At night is kinda nuts with that camera. The max ISO the guys at Leica Miami kept telling me not to go over ISO 400. Really cool people who work there. Anywho, the camera is quick when it needs to be, that glass price though hurts despite the body being cheaper. My friend Jarmo Pohjaniemi said to me once that he used the S2 for a promo shoot to test out the image quality of the new body. HE said it was so sharp wide open, that it was too sharp lol. Funny guy

          • Neopulse

            Also a GJ supporter here. The best candidate by far