Fujifilm GFX Announced


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G Mount
Camera GFX 50S
43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS
1.7x larger than 25mm
51.4MP 8256×6192
4:3 Multi Aspect 3:2/16:9/65:24/5:4/7:6/1:1
Flange back 26.7mm
Focal Plane Shutter up to 1/4000th
Like an X-T2
Viewfinder is detachable and can be rotated up to look through
LCD on the top
Available in Early 2017

Pricing isn’t fixed yet


GF Lenses
Can resolve over 100 MP

Launch lenses
GF63mm 2.8R WR
GF32-64mm F4 R LM WR
GF120mm F4 Macro

6 Lenses coming!!!



gfxgrabmount gfxgrabcrop


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  • doge


  • Duncan Dimanche

    Why such a small sensor ? I mean it’s big but not by that much… sigh… but hasselblad did the same… so there must be a reason… the only sensor available out there ?

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      probably the only one available at a pricerange that fits in what they are willing to spend for a 10K camera

    • Mike

      Cost. This is the APS-C of medium format. Just like the first Nikon & Canon DSLRs were low count APS-C sized sensors. It’s away of being some what affordable cameras to more market.

    • They are all using the Sony manufactured medium format sensor

    • CHD

      Well Fuji doesn’t offer a FF camera so this is a significant setup from their APS-C offerings. Considering Fuji is tailor making lenses to the sensor (meaning no awkward focal length conversions) I’m totally cool with the sensor they chose. This will allow them to sell at a price point where a LOT of people will be able to buy.

    • sperdynamite

      Cause the only “FF” 645 sensors make the cameras cost wayyyy too much. If you want a FF 645 sensor though I invite you to buy a Phase One IQ100.

  • Mike

    Fuji wins Photokina 2016. Mic drop.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    The video was hard to hear and failed intermittently.
    Did anyone pick up if it was a leaf shutter?

    *Oh nevermind I see it written here

    • Mike

      1/4000 focal plane shutter.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        shame, that is the reason why people aren’t that keen on the pentax z 645 or what ever the number is

        • sperdynamite

          I’d take a FP shutter over a leaf shutter personally. No sense making a big deal about a feature tht is only important in like 10% of applications.

        • Mike

          Not necessarily the max shutter of 1/4000. Medium format “fast” lenses are often above f/2.8 and 1/4000 is all that’s necessary. What hurt Pentax’s 645z reputation a bit was a max shutter sync speed of 1/125. It’s harder to control ambient light at 1/125. It’s easier to get mirror slap induced image blur (although there are work arounds), and generally leans itself to more of a natural light camera. The other “knock” against Pentax is that it uses 12 bit RAW. Nikon even uses 14 and Phase One and Hasselblad use 16 bit RAW.

          Although the X1D has a max shutter speed of 1/2000, it also has a shutter sync speed of 1/2000. That opens up a lot of flash use possibilities.

          What’s great about the focal plane shutter on the Fuji is that it means you can adapt older, non Fuji MF lenses to it. And those ones will cover a true 645 image circle. Certainly bigger than this sensor. All in all, this has been great news today. 🙂

          • We could see FP shutters in the lens like Leica does. Who knows…

          • Sir Sam

            The Pentax 645 has 14bit raws, exactly like Canon, Nikon etc…12 bit would be really ancient…

  • sexyjon

    Good news. This is probably the best new gadget this year for photographers. Now we wait and see if the price is attractive.

    • Dante Squid Corbett

      What would you want it to cost compared to other MF cameras and high-end DSLR’s like D5 and 1DXm2

      • sexyjon

        I do not have a specific price idea, but in general I would like to see prices go down a bit with more selection. So I am hoping this will be very competitive with Pentax medium format. But if new models bring higher prices then it is much less interesting.