New Leica Copying Fujifilm Instax in LFI Magazine?



If true this is the first time Leica has tried to improve on a Fujifilm design and the successful Instax Mini 90 is a great design to imitate. I’m curious if this project was done in cooperation with Fujifilm or if this is an early April fools joke?

The reported specs are:

  • Lens: Auto-Hektor 1:12,7/60mm lens (34mm equivalent on 35mm film)
  • Three focusing zones: Macro (no distance in the info) / Standard 60cm-3m / Infinity 3m-infinty
  • Will take Fuji-Instax film (62x46mm pictures)
  • Selfie mode
  • Price: under 300€
  • Shipping in November
  • Three colors available: white, orange and mint

Additional pictures:



Via Stevehuffphoto, Leica Rumors

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  • Franko

    great.. looks cool somehow.. maybe a bit too retro and still missing some pro features like exposure control and a hotshoe mount..
    i would really love this

  • The lens barrel, battery compartment, film door release and overall layout look identical to the Fuji Instax 90. The lens specs are even the same specs; a 60mm f12.7. I’m an avid Instax and Leica shooter so this product looked exciting until it became clear, unless I’m incorrect somehow, that this is just a rebadged Instax with the usual Leica upsell. It’s nice to see instant film receiving a more serious approach with more feature-laden cameras in the last couple years from Fuji, MiNT and Lomo, as well as the recent news of Instax Mini Monochrome, but a Leica Instax 90 seems more like one of those sad fashion statement pieces that Leica tends to put out.

  • a-traveler

    This looks like Leica’s version of the Hasselblad Lunar 😎