Fujifilm Store NYC

Wondershop NYC

In May our sister site Photorumors reported that Fujifilm is opening a store in NYC. It seems our wait is over. The Wonder Photo Shop opened July 22nd in NYC. I came across the shop while planning an upcoming trip to NYC for Sonyaddict and I hope to have time to stop while I am in the city next week. If readers have any recommendations about other places to go I would greatly appreciate them because my NYC trips always seem to be planned at the last minute.

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  • dclivejazz

    Check out the new Whitney museum. It’s a beautiful new museum with excellent galleries for shooting people checking out art. It also has a bunch of terraces with great views and is near the high line. Plus, there’s currently a big exhibit of Danny Lyon photos.

    • I tried to make it but was too busy. I was limited to night time stuff, but hopefully I will be going again soon.

  • James Donahue

    I Hope you get a chance to try out that Samyang 8mm while in the Apple.

    • Sadly I didn’t get to try it until my last day there and the people at the Fujifilm store weren’t very nice too me… I tried to take some pictures in the store and they were very upset with me.