Domke FUJIFILM X Series F-803

image courtesy of Fujifilm

I’m someone that doesn’t mind paying a little extra for a nice bag associated with my favorite camera manufactures, but when the Domke FUJIFILM X Series F-803 was announced I was unsure if it would be useful for me, since my lens collection grows with every sale. Fujifilm released a short post today on their blog about their new luxury bag and the most valuable thing that can be learned in it comes from the photo above, which provides a good frame of reference for determining the size of the bag.

via Fujifilm Blog

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  • nwcs

    It is a nice looking bag, and a bit expensive. I wonder how well it would work though? Would it fit a XT1 (2?) with 3 lenses easily with good access to them all?

    • It looks bigger than other bags I own and most of my bags will fit two bodies with a lens attached. I am up to 10 lenses now, so sometimes I run out of space. My current work horse is the Artisan & Artist ACAM-1000 and if it’s a more formal function ill use my ONA Berlin 2. The ACAM-1000 ( has a ton of room for such a small bag, but I alway have to pick and choose what I bring with me.