Fujifilm 35mm f2 R WR vs 35mm f1.4 R

image courtesy of The Phoblographer

Many readers have expressed conflict between purchasing the Fujifilm 35mm f2 R WR and 35mm f1.4 R. The XF35F2 is a very modern lens, while the XF35F1.4 was state of the art when the X system launched. The Phoblographer wrote a short article about these two lenses a bit ago if you’re still trying to decided. I, among other readers, greatly prefer the Fujifilm 35mm f2 R WR, but you might feel differently after reading their article.

via The Phoblographer

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  • nwcs

    The loss of 1 stop is more of a big deal to me. Hopefully Fuji will truly get that rumored f1.0 lens out there.

    • I think this will be one of the first lenses they update from the original launch lenses. The X-Pro 2 has ISO to spare for what I use it for, so the loss of light doesn’t bother me.

  • The awesome metal hood alone is reason to buy the 35 f/1.4

    • nwcs

      Personally I dislike that hood. I like reverse bayonet hoods. Much easier to work with and store.

    • They could do much better designing a 35mm f1.4 today…