DPReview Finished Reviewing The Fujifilm X-Pro 2

X-Pro 2

DPReview finished reviewing the X-Pro 2 and it is full of high praise. I just finished reading their review and it is very fair and thorough, but I wish they tested more lenses, since system performance is largely lens dependent. The cons seem like a stretch to me since they are classifying the camera as semi-professional, but check it out and leave some feed back about their review.

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  • nwcs

    I thought it was a pretty balanced review all things considered. The camera isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s really good at what it does. The AF performance doesn’t surprise me now that the hyperbole is giving way to reality. I figured the single point AF would be much faster and reliable and the AF-C to not be as good.

    I haven’t read, though I haven’t looked too hard, but are the XP2 PDAF points cross type or single type? That makes a difference in AF confidence. I had difficulty with my old X-T1 to lock on with subjects due to the single orientation.

    • It’s similar to the X-T1 but faster. Performance is very lens dependent, but they don’t cover it well.

  • i work for the fashion industry. and to me, the camera is one hella professional camera. i use it for photoshoots and look books.