Does The X-Pro 2 Have a Problem?

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What’s a new camera release without a scandal? I have been using my X-Pro 2 consistently since receiving it Friday and have only experienced ONE camera reset while using a fully charged official Fuji battery my first time shooting. This was a foreseeable possibility since the launch date was delayed by about a month.

Fuji clearly warns against leaving the camera without a battery for too long, and the delay might have caused the reset issue that SOME of us have experienced. There have been plenty of users reporting a trouble-free shooting experience. The reason for this should be obvious, too.  They received a more recently manufactured camera.

The vast majority of people should be okay if they leave a fully charged official Fuji battery in their camera for a while because 3rd party batteries vary greatly in quality. I think the problem has been blown way out of proportion because the likelihood of having a fully charged 3rd party battery sitting around is higher than that of having official batteries due to the substantial price difference. Battery variation might not matter in daily usage, but it could affect the charging of the internal X-Pro 2 components. Only time will tell.

Customers who have experienced the reset issue multiple times might have a different issue than the rest of us, though. The internal component meant to hold a charge might have been damaged due to the delay or during production. It’s also possible they might be using too many third party batteries. Not enough is known about these people at this time to make an educated guess.

I do not think this is a firmware issue, but Fuji probably could address the problem by changing how they store settings in firmware. They might have a reason to store these settings in volatile memory for speed, but they could back them up when changes are made and then check the backup against the volition memory when the camera turns on to prevent the settings from getting reset, but this might slightly delay startup. Whatever the problem, I trust Fuji has their reasons, and I think people should not call complicated electronics defective so quickly.

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  • Wally Kilburg

    My resets occur using Fuji batteries and are almost instant swaps. I have issues with edit/save and having values transfered to the Q menu. I mounted a flash (Lumopro single pin) and after two shots the camera messaged it was shutting down due to heat sensor triggering. The shutdown reset everything. A friend in MN has also experienced reset when he changed date and time. I own a lot of Fuji products and unfortunately i have had to update FW in all of them after purchase.

    • That sounds like a very defective camera to me. I pulled my battery for about an hour today and put it back in and none of my settings reset. I currently own two Fuji batteries and two 3rd party batteries. I have only used Fuji batteries in my X-Pro 2 so far. Can you provide us with anymore details?

      • Wally Kilburg

        Louis, thanks for the response to my statements about the XPro2. I consider the issues I outlined to be more of an annoyance and while I plan to call Fujifilm to see if I can talk to someone about them, I’m not overly worried. Firmware issues abound with new electronic dependent cameras (and most other things). All these little things i mentioned do add up to be a headache at times but its only been a few days and I’m a RAW shooter with the items mentioned affect JPG shooting. I do believe they are firmware related and not defective electronics. I went through similar issues with the Xpro1, had firmware and light issues with my X-T1 and I remember something with my X100 and X100T as well. I shoot Nikon for most work and I have had problems there too. Its just too common and therefore a headache. I like the X-Pro2, I like the larger features, I am really liking the files I have seen although being a Capture One user, I have no idea when Phase One will support it. I rely on Iridient Developer 3 until then. I’d like to see and have the RAW files processed with my preferred software. I think al this is just the result of having and using a “new” camera. Six months form now, we won’t even remember all this. I plan to keep and use the X-Pro2 and when I lose settings, I’ll probably just deal with it as I have now. I know of some others also experiencing “issues” and as the camera gets into others hands, I figure we will see a FW release to cover the complaints. I’ll do what I can to add my voice to them.

        • And my post kind of addresses your problem, because I do not believe you are experiencing a firmware issue. If this was a firmware issue we would all be experiencing the same issue. It’s highly likely that Fuji will develop a firmware to deal with the problem that’s similar to the one I propose, but the problem is in my opinion a hardware problem.

          Fuji’s manual verifies that the camera needs some level of power internally to maintain settings so someone experiencing a short reset cycle like you is probably dealing with a defective capacitor or internal battery. Also people like me have not experienced the issue once since initially setting up the camera. I am also a raw shooter, but I shoot RAW+Jpeg with Fuji and use Geotagging, etc… It’s a frustrating issue that deserves a nuanced response. I am glad you’re willing to wait for a solution from Fuji, but your problem seems to be pretty extreme from your description. I imagine your camera retailer would be quicker to deal with.

          On a side note I have had a few lockups while remote shooting and these haven’t reset my settings either…

  • dclivejazz

    Wasabi batteries have worked fine in my X-T1. They shouldn’t cause a problem in a X-Pro2.

    • I have since used them in the X-Pro 2 without issue, but with what we know about the reset issue so far it is probably best to use official batteries in your camera until it stops reseting. The X-Pro 2 can chew through a battery faster than the X-T1. The additional power demands may not have been taking into consideration when designing the original 3rd party battery and could cause an issue charging up the internal components.

      It’s unclear if Fuji is using a capacitor or a battery to keep this nominal charge that the camera needs, but whatever it is there seems to be the possibility of it being damages in some cameras like Wally’s bellow. I have been following hundreds of forum posts to try to better understand the issue. Especially since I experienced it on my first fully charged battery.

      I also left my battery out last night to see if it would reset this morning and it has not so my camera seems to be performing as it should. If anyone has anything reproducible happening with their camera I will try it with mine, but my settings have been holding.

  • Wally Kilburg

    I really beat on the xpro2 in my studio this morning. I used triggers, flash and made massive setting changes includIng Q menu, edit/save, custom WB and other color and film simulation updates. I had no problems. I did run through a battery in short order. Swapped and kept shooting. No issues.
    Back in my hardware and software career days, we used to let memory and solid state chips burn in for a day. I have to run but as of now i was very pleased with the cameras performance. I have a few models scheduled for shoots in the coming weeks. I feel better about using it then after a solid three hours of use today.

  • Michael Steinbach

    “This was a foreseeable possibility since the launch date was delayed by about a month.” Huh?

    • The camera likely wasn’t designed to sit on a shelf for an extended period of time. Plus many manufactures do not fully charge batteries/capacitors before shipping. There’s no telling how long the original production run was sitting before the later launch date. So it is likely many cameras discharged during this time.

      Many successful companies only produce inventory a week in advance. Apple is famous for having an efferent supply chain. The original production run of these cameras could have been months ago. So people with older production date cameras would experience more reset issues than people with newer ones.

  • Matthew Islam

    Is anyone facing the overheating issues with the X-Pro2? Many reports floating around. I have an X-Pro 2 coming in soon; so worried about this.

    • I filmed with mine for 3hrs continuously in 15min blocks without an issue. I also ran through 3 batteries strait at the Renisance Fair shooting rapidly and continuously tracking without an over heat issue. I just finished 3hrs of shooting tonight without turning the camera off once. The camera does get warm, but mine has never shut off from the heat. I tweeted about it when filming.