The Fuji X-Pro 2 Delayed Until March‽

FujiFilm X-Pro2

It looks like demand for the X-Pro 2 has been so strong that Fuji chose to postpone the launch of their next generation flagship camera until March so they can ramp up production. You can read more here.

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  • CHD

    What sense does that make….demand is so strong they delay the release till production meets demand?? Stupid. Sell every frickin camera you can make as soon as you can make them while there is hype for the camera. What’s the difference between selling everything you have on the day you said you would release vs just delaying the release date…either way people are disappointed.

    • Agreed. Other companies have delayed their launches when preorders surpassed expectations over the past year so there has to be some data driven reason they are making this choice. Maybe people develop a long term negative opinion of a brand when they cannot buy a product they want over a prolonged period of time, while other similarly situated people have access.

      Obviously just a guess, but there has to be some logic.

      • Bremer

        …..or they want to get as much pre-orders as possible before shipping the camera. Becuase after people start testing the camera in real world situation, the hype might be over.

  • Wally Kilburg

    Its a stupid excuse. It just means they dropped the ball because the 25th is close and the shipments of cameras aren’t even on the water yet. No way they make the date so hey, lets lie!

  • James Donahue

    Nikon released a similar statement on the D500, but this happens more times than not with Nikon,(Yawn) I’ll be content to play with my new firmware for my “old” X E2. which by the way is terrific.

    • nwcs

      Not really. More like Nikon underestimates demand and it’s not available. Generally the releases aren’t delayed but their dealer policies and such make stocking shelves harder.

  • Dennis M. Porter

    Could it be that they have a large stock of X-Pro1 cameras and want to give it another month to reduce the inventory?

    • nwcs

      No they probably discovered an issue or wanted to do last minute optimization. The rumor has been that they vastly overproduced the original XPro1 in 2012 and are still trying to sell ones made then. People buy them new with very old firmware still loaded.

  • 3rdPartyLova