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Sekonic L-858D-U SPEEDMASTER Light Meter RT-GX Flashpoint/Godox Transmitter Module Released

It’s been a while since I reviewed the Sekonic L-858D-U, but Godox just announced its trigger for the Sekonic L-858D and you can get a Sekonic L-858D with Godox transmitter at B&H Photo / Adorama or if you already own a Sekonic L-858D then you can just buy the transmitter from B&H Photo / Adorama.

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Sekonic L-858D-U Review

Digital cameras have reduced the perceived need for light meters, which is why light meters like the Sekonic L-858D-U have evolved to do so much. I am one of the many guilty photographers out there that have relied on in-camera metering and experience to get the shot right, but my recent experimentation with long exposure […]

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