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Fujifilm SQ10: Reviews

The Instax SQ10 is hard to classify in the world of photography today, due to its point and shoot nature with a printer attached when most point and shoot cameras are dead. Today a 1″ sensor or larger has become pretty standard beyond camera phones so in a way the Instax SQ10 is most like […]

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Fuji Guys: Instax SQ10 Unboxing and Getting Started

The Fuji Guys just released their official unboxing video of the Fujifilm Instax SQ10. It’s very to the point, because the SQ10 is a simple camera to pick up and start shooting. Fujifilm Instax Square: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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Instax SQ10 Reviews and Experience

The other day I was shooting a dance recital and before it began I walked around with my Instax Square SQ10 shooting pictures of the little girls with their friends and printing photos for everyone that wanted one. It was great watching their confusion as the first photo came out of the camera because none of […]

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Instax SQ10 Now Shipping and Early Reviews/Hack

Ivan Joshua Loh hacked his Instax Square SQ10 to print images from his Fujifilm GFX, X-T2, X-Pro2 and X100F via the micro SD card. The process involves converting your JPG files into JPEG files that are JFIF compliant using Paint Shop Pro if you aren’t using a camera that creates compatible files. If you want to read more […]

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Instax SQ10 Thoughts

The Instax SQ10 is coming out soon and, while I have one on order I am conflicted about the format. While Fujifilm has fulfilled some of my wishes for this “hybrid” format they haven’t really done so in an ideal manner. The Instax SQ10 design isn’t a hybrid analog+digital design, but rather a point and […]

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FujiAddict Live Blog Wrap-up

I have been awake for almost 48-hours and live blogging for almost 24-hours. Now that things have slowed to a crawl and I have had time to read and watch everything I think it’s time for a wrap-up. The Fujifilm GFX lens release schedule isn’t as aggressive as rumored, but it’s promising. The GFX has […]

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