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How Fujifilm Addresses Real Issues With The Fujifilm GFX 50S

Nathan Elson was given a pre-production Fujifilm GFX 50S to try and I think one his strongest points is how Fujifilm listens to photographers and solves real problems. He begins the video by talking about shooting outside with the GFX in negative 37 degree weather for 2-2.5 hours (his iPhone says -29 degree) but the camera handled […]

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Fujifilm GFX Shipment Information and Challenges Series Continues

The day after the Fujifilm GFX $6,499 price leaked on Fujiaddict first and we start our GFX owners group and Facebook page, Fujifilm is aggressively marketing the GFX again with their interesting challenges series. This time they cover Gary Heery – Macr0:Studio work/Ivan Josh Loh – commercial work:studio/Per-Anders Jörgensen – Food:Outdoor Portrait/Romeo Balancourt – Portraits:Architecture/Luciano […]

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