Potential Fujifilm Quality Control Issue: Fujinon GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR Filled With Lint and Cracked Hood

I decided to take advantage of the substantial GFX savings like many others and ordered a Fujinon GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR from B&H Photo on the last day of the sale. When I received the package everything was normal until I unboxed the lens. At first, I thought my new lens was cracked because there was a 2-inch black plastic filing stuck on the glass that looked like a crack, but I was able to brush it off (wish I took a photo). Then when I took a closer look the lens was covered in fuzz like someone rolled it in lint.

After cleaning the lens I looked through the glass and it appeared relatively clear at first until I shined a light through the lens then I noticed the same fuzz throughout the elements along with some larger specks. I did my best to photograph the fuzz inside the lens along with the specks, but most of it is very light and the Fujinon XF 60mm f/2.4 R Macro isn’t great for this kind of capture.

The previous copy of this lens that I had for a few months was an absolutely perfect copy and all of my other GFX lenses came perfectly clean and are holding up well. Further, I am an FPS member so I could get this lens cleaned for free faster than exchanging it, which B&H Photo agreed to do without an issue, but there is more. The lens hood came with a rather large crack in it and the hood is very thick.

I know there have been some reports of a speck here or there, but I have never seen a lens this bad from Fujifilm, nor have I ever purchased a lens that came in this shape. There was no damage to the shipping container or box and these lenses come very well packaged, so I have to presume this damage occurred entirely at Fujifilm. The lint coating had to have happened at the factory because the lens comes tightly wrapped in plastic and the plastic and inside of the box were clean. The cracked hood also likely occurred at the factory before packaging and went unnoticed while packaging.

I reached out to a few of my contacts to see if I can learn more about what might have happened and if this is an outlier or if Fujifilm is having some difficulties with production. Some sites are downplaying incidents like these when they pop up, but when you spend this kind of money on a lens it should come with no more than maybe a spec in the lens that doesn’t affect the image in the worst case. Thankfully quality retailers will exchange these lenses without an issue, but it is very inconvenient.

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  • akkual

    Those look like typical lens flares or am I watching a wrong thing in these pictures? Cracked hood no good though obviously.

    What comes to the Fuji QA, I think one part of the problem is the return policy in US. People just return the bad copy, and I am 99% sure the retailer ain’t gonna ship it back to Fuji, but sell it to the next victim, until it ends up to someone, who takes it through warranty service. This has also the downside that Fuji cannot then track these until they end up to warranty service (which are always tracked so that the issues can be fixed ans warranty costs can be reduced), unless the retailer informs them about problems, which can allow the possible production or QA issue go unnoticed by Fuji.

    • Each one is a spec of light linty dust. You can zoom around each pic and see. Petapixel also picked up on the story. The first image you can see the dark dust specks and the others are light ones.

      • akkual

        OK, I can see the dark spots on the 1st one (but unable to see anything in latter ones except lens flares).

        Unfortunate thing, and there has been many similar posts recently, so Fuji definitely has somekind of problem. They better address these soon, as these things do not build trust to the brand, and their products are somewhat more expensive than closest competitors, so this might quickly start to show up in sales.

        I personally postponed GFX pursache, because I just felt too unsure about the future of the lineup and felt that the base prices are too high considering closest competition (D850 and A7r3) and the appeared problems (these QA issues, 63mm AF motor failures, and some 32-64 AF failures too). I’ll take another look, when I can buy body+basic lens under 6k in euros – so hopefully after GFX R release. Or I’ll go with Nikon FF mirrorless when that is finally due (if ever).

        • They are there, but the angle you have to photograph and illuminate the lens at to get the light specs to show up inside the lens is very had to capture. You’re going to get flare doing this regardless and most of it wont affect image quality, but the big specs will. The inside of this lens looks like it was rolled in light lint.